SmartCoin Instant Loan App Review- Borrow Up To Rs 25,000

Is it the month’s end? Need to buy something urgently? or need to pay your bills but no cash in hands? You have SmartCoin instant loan app.

Nowadays if you have a smartphone you can loan money from various platforms. For a small amount of money like 10,000, 50,000 is often needed for salaried persons. Due to some extra expenditure, unexpected situations, we face a cash shortage at the last of a month. The amount of Rs. 10k or 50k is not huge but collecting the amount is a tough job. Looking towards that problem, lots of loan apps are on the market, providing a short amount of money through their mobile apps in alluring interest rates. In this article, we will be discussing about a loan app that is quite popular, and getting a loan is also easy. The name of the app is SmartCoin.


About SmartCoin personal loan app :

The SmartCoin is a mobile app-based instant loan platform that provides a loan of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. Rs. 25,000. It is a Bengaluru-based company started in 2016. Vinay Kumar Singh, Rohit Garg, Amit Chandel, and Jayant Upadhyay are the founders of the company. The company raised a fund of Rs. 2 million dollars in 2018. They disbursed of amount Rs. 100 crore and has given 300k loans according to the company.

Features of SmartCoin instant loan app:

The SmartCoin offers some impressive features to the borrowers they are as follows.

Completely digital process:

SmartCoin has an entirely digital process. The whole loaning process can be completed without a single piece of paper. All you need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Quick online process:

Following the whole documentation process is extremely fast. From applying for the loan to get the credit, everything is very quick. Easily put the documents from your smartphone.

Quick amount transfer:

If you are eligible for the loan and your request is approved, you will receive the amount in your bank account in a couple of hours.

Instant repeat loans:

Once your documentation is completed, and you are an old customer, hen next loans you take are very fast. For repeat loans, you don’t have to face too much time.

Let’s see,

How to get started with the SmartCoin instant loan app:

Firstly you have to install the SmartCoin app from the Google Playstore as they only have their application for Android users. You can install the app here: Download SmarCoin app.

  • After completing the download, you need to open the app. When you open it, you have to enter your full name. Make sure the name you enter there is on your AADHAR CARD and PAN CARD.
  • Then enter your mobile phone number and tap on “Continue.”
  • After that, you have to allow the application to get access, and you agree to SmartCoin’ s privacy policy, terms and conditions, SmartCoin can access your credit score and lots of other things.
  • Then you have to click on “I ACCEPT.”
  • After that, you have to allow the SmartCoin app to send you SMS, Call, getting your location.
  • Next, you have to connect your SmartCoin account with Either Google or Facebook.
  • After connecting, you have to enter your personal information such as your father’s name, mother name, date of birth, gender, your moratorium status. Then tap on “Continue.”
  • After that, you have to enter your PAN CARD number, employment status, monthly income, designation, company name, and then click on continue.
  • After that, you have to enable your GPS.
  • Finally, when you enable the GPS, the mechanism will analyze your profile and let you know how much you can get as a loan for the first time.

How can to get a loan in SmartCoin mobile app?

If you are eligible for a loan, you can see your mobile screen dashboard’s loan amount. Also, the processing fee will be mentioned, how much GST will include, the total amount you have to pay.

  • After reading all the things, you need to tap on “APPLY.”
  • Then you have to enter your KYC document.
  • After clicking on “Continue,” you have to upload your AADHAR CARD front and back image and your selfie.
  • Then you will see that your loan is being processed, and after that, you have to enter your bank details where you will take the money.
  • After giving your bank account details, you have to sign in on an e agreement.
  • After tapping on the sign-in, an agreement will appear to you, and you have to tap on “I ACCEPT.”
  • Finally, tap on the continue, and your loan amount will be disbursed to your bank account shortly.

Eligibility to avail of the loan in SmartCoin loan app:

  • The borrower must have above 23 years.
  • Only Indian citizens will be allowed to get the loan.
  • The monthly income of the loan borrower must have to above Rs. 15,000 monthly.

The documents you are going to require for sanctioning the loan.

  • Bank statement.
  • Your selfie.

SmartCoin Instant Loan app interest rate and tenure:

The interest in SmartCoing starts at 20 percent and it can be up to 36 percent. The tenure is between 91 days to 120 days.

SmartCoin review:

As of writing this, the SmartCoin app has over one million installs in Google Play Store. It has a 4-star rating there.


The SmartCoin app is an excellent app to receive quick cash. The Rs. 25000 loan amount has the 20 percent P.A. interest has a tenure of for months. For paying utility bills, shopping, travel, and many other purposes, this app is excellent. On Google Play Store, it has 60k+ installs and has a 4.4 rating. The platform gives credit to almost 95 percent of districts in India.

If you find that the SmartCoin instant loan app does not meet your needs you can try some SmartCoin alternatives from below,

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