Welcome to the Privacy policy page of Rupeeya.com. Get the full information of our Privacy Policy and how we maintain our user’s data given here.

What kind of information do we collect from our user?

We mainly collect users email address. In such circumstances, we may collect a user’s name, phone number and other primary information.

Why we collect their privacy-related information?

We collect their information to send them the notification of our new updates. Whenever we update a new post or any information to our site, they will get that.

Our responsibilities of the privacy policy:

We know people don’t like to share their information with a site where they don’t have trust. Sometimes they receive spam emails and calls. People hate that, and so we do. That’s why we never share our user’s privacy-related information to any third party or any other place in any circumstances.

Our liabilities on our Privacy policy:

On our website on any page or any other article, we may share third-party website links. They have their privacy policy. We have complete control over our sites privacy policy, but third parties control their privacy policy. So if any visitor leaves our site any go any third party website, they are under third-party websites privacy policy.