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Welcome to the terms and conditions page of Rupeeya. Here we describe the term(s) and condition(s) of this website rupeeya.com. We are requesting all our user(s), reader(s), and subscribers to read these terms and conditions carefully before using our service or browse our site to understand the using policy of our platform.


This is the terms and condition page of Rupeeya. This is the legal agreement between Rupeeya and all our visitors, subscribers. Here we will be describing the terms and conditions for the users, subscribers, visitors, the copyright laws of our site. We have also mentioned here about our liabilities, terminations, changing & modification of terms and conditions, indemnification, governing law.


Here we used some terms which may often come like T&C for terms and conditions; we to Rupeeya.com. Terms like “you”, “your”, “he”, “she”, “they”, “them” refer to all the visitor(s), subscriber (s) of Rupeeya.com.


This is the legal agreement between Rupeeya and all our visitors, subscribers. If you want to use Rupeeya, you have to obey all of these T&Cs. If you do not accept these terms, you may not use our website and services. Once you enter our website, it states that you come under our terms and conditions, and you have read all our terms and conditions.

Introduction to our website:

We Rupeeya.com are a completely informative site. Here we bring the most authentic and applicable some working ideas, which may seem helpful for your earnings. We responsibly examine all the methods and then share them with our audiences. We mainly share different types of money-making opportunities. Some are popular; some are not much popular. All the information is available on these platforms available in the shape of helpful articles. They are entirely free to read. There are no charges to access them. Besides the items, you may find lots of digital products such as eBooks, PDF courses, etc. They are available only in exchange for money, and our regular users cannot access them without purchasing them except that we do not collect money for any purpose(s).

Here we do not promote any business, any services, or any other money-making method. We transparently share all the information.

Our liabilities:

On our website, we share numerous earning sources. On our information, we may use some particular platforms or companies as an example, but definitely, we do not promote them. Also, we do not guarantee their trustworthiness. By seeing our mentions, if someone visits their site, then it is entirely their responsibility.

Third-party websites:

We may mention third-party links to our websites in many places. Every third party website may have its own T&Cs. We are only responsible for our own terms and conditions. If you click on any third party link and visit there, you come under their terms and conditions. Rupeeya.com is solely responsible for their own terms and conditions. We are not responsible for any incident or circumstance caused by a third party. Any third party website may demand money, your personal information, or anything else. If you provide them anything, then you are solely responsible for that. After giving any money, information, or any other thing, if anything wrong happens to you, we are not going to provide any compensation or any support on that.

So we request you to read the T&Cs of any third-party website when you visit them.

Copyright concerns:

All the images, designs, photos, videos, graphics, writings are the exclusive property of Rupeeya. All these kinds of stuff are covered by standard internet copyright laws and Indian copyright laws. Any type of usage, modification, of these particulars, for any purpose without any permission by rupeeya.com, is strictly prohibited. If someone picks up any picture, content, or any other thing from Rupeeya and use them for any personal, commercial or any other purpose, we can take action against the person(s), organization(s) under standard procedures.

Changing or modification:

rupeeya.com holds the full right to change, modify, delete these terms and conditions without any early notification. After changing, or modifying, any of the T&C(s), if someone keeps visiting rupeeya.com, then it will be considered as the visitor has read our last and modified T&Cs, and he/she entirely agrees with them. Besides the terms and conditions, we can make a change in any pictures, videos, contents, website designs. Also, we can delete or modify any of them at any moment.

Minority concerns:

All of our users, visitors, subscribers must be at least 18 years old. Who are under the age of 18 can only use and access this site under their parent’s or any responsible guardian. They also have to follow all of these T&Cs of Rupeeya.

Governing law:

All these terms and conditions are governed and based on West Bengal, India. All the users of rupeeya.com come under the Indian jurisdiction and also to their locality from where they are accessing Rupeeya.


As we have mentioned above, Rupeeya is a genuine platform that provides information on various money-making methods. We neither offer any job nor demand someone for money. We may mention some online money making platforms who may ask you for money, personal information, or something else. If you provide them any amount or any information, it entirely your responsibility. If any damage happens with you financially, physically, mentally, then we will not give you any compensation. We will not take any responsibility for them. On the internet, lots of fake people and organizations are associated with online money making methods. We exclude the authentic ways about them, but still, all the viewers and readers have to be aware of them. We just give information about them; we do not promote or highlight them for money or other benefits.


As all our reader(s), visitor(s), the subscriber(s) come under our T&Cs, they need to follow them strictly. If we find any kind of violation conducted by any user (s), then we have the full right to disable them to access our website and site, permanently or temporarily. In this kind of situation, where users violate the user’s policy, we may not inform them about that, and we can restrict them from visiting rupeeya.com without any prior information.

If you have any query please feel free to reach us at contact@rupeeya.com

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