Hello, welcome to the Cookies policy page of https://www.rupeeya.com/ . Here you will get the information of what are the cookies, why websites need Cookies, what Cookies do, and do we use Cookies to our site or not.

What Cookies are?

Cookies are small text files that are stored to your Computers or Smartphones or any other device by which you browse the internet. Your browser or the devices, by which you enter online, hold the cookies so that when you again go to our internet site, it can recognize you and your last time information. Cookies identify your preferences to a site where Cookies are implemented, and they can locate other details too. But Cookies can’t read your hard disc’s data stored on your device, and they cannot track other Cookies information from other Websites or web pages you visit.

Do we use Cookies?

Yes, we use Cookies to our site rupeeya.com.

Why we use Cookies?

We use Cookies for numerous types of reasons. We use the Cookies to give our viewer prolonged browsing, and the Cookies help us to personalize our viewer’s experience. The Cookies we use may remain in your browser or your device for a long time. If they did not get deleted, they stay there until they reach to their date of expiry.

The Cookies we use in our website:

Essential Cookies: These Strictly necessary Cookies or Essential Cookies are required for our Site. Without these Cookies, you cannot use our certain features. They work when you log in into the secure areas of our Website, etc.

Performance Cookies:

These Functional or performance Cookies recognize you when you revisit to our website or any webpage. They remember your preferences and personalize our contents as per your trend. For examples, they personalize your preferred language, your region, etc.


Analytical Cookies:

These Analytics Cookies helps us to improve the services of our website how you use the service on the site. These Cookies help us to improve our website and services. Analytics Cookies show us various kinds of statistics type info that show us where our visitors visit the most, where they face problems, where they take the interest.

Note: With the Analytical Cookies we definitely cannot identify the visitor personally on anyway, but the third party who offers these Cookies may be able to do so.

Behavior or Advertising Cookies:

These Cookies are used to deliver more relevant Advertises to the users. We analyze the user’s interest, on what pages they most visit, on products or services they are interested, on which Ads they click or like, etc. They help to serve you the Ads you are interested. Besides that these Cookies ensures the Ads are showing correctly.

Flash Cookies:

In some pages when a video or an animation is playing we may use Flash Cookies to our site. Apart from other Cookies, Flash Cookies are stored in your Computer or Smartphones, but an interface manages them, and they are entirely different from the normal one provided by your browser.

Social Media Cookies:

By the help of these Social Media Cookies we integrate various kinds of social media functions to our website.

Third Party Cookies:

Some of the Cookies of our website are operated by third parties like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Note: Some of these third-party websites may use Cookies to the services, advertises to allow them to deliver the services they provide to the site. Some of the Third Party Cookies may use to analyze the user to offer them more user-friendly experience.

Some of the third party Cookies may store into your preferences, and we do not control their Cookies Policy. So we will suggest you check their Cookies Policy to know about their Cookies usage.

How can you Control Cookies?

When you visit our Site for the first time, you may see a message that we use Cookies and other similar technologies to our Website. If you click on the “Accept and Close” button that means you have read our Cookies Policy and related technical information. By clicking here, you agree to all our Cookies Policy as they are Aforementioned.

Declining of our Cookies Policy:

You have the full domination to refuse our Cookies Policy any time.

You will not be able to use our services or website features, website if you do not get agree to our Cookies Policy.

You can do this from your browser setting. To do so, you need to go to the browser settings. From there you can decline all or some of our Cookies we use to our Website.

Can we change our Cookies Policy?

Yes, we can. We can change our Cookies Policy any time without any earlier information. So we will suggest you check our Cookies Policy time to time to stay updated about our Cookies Policy.

We hope now you get the complete knowledge on what are the cookies and our Co okies Policy. If you have more queries to our Cookies Policy, please mail us at [email protected]