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Welcome to the cookies policy of Rupeeya. Here we will describe what are the Cookies or these kinds of technologies? How we use them? And what guidelines we follow for our cookies?

What are the cookies?

Cookies are a small piece of data or text which stored on the user’s computer, smartphones, and other devices by which you visit a website. Cookies stay on the hard drive or browser to give users an improved experience. Cookies remember the first time when you visit a website, where did you interact with the site, where did you spend most of the time. In a word, Cookies give us transparent data about our user behaviors when visiting our website for the first time. There so many types of Cookies, and their usage is also different. For the various kinds of needs, various types of Cookies are used.

Our Cookies usage:

We use different types of cookies on our website to ensure, best experience on our site to our users. By the cookies, we personalize information for you. Cookies have their expiry dates. If cookies do not get deleted by the user, they stay and get automatically removed when they reach their expiry date.

Cookies we use into


  • Essential Cookies:

These cookies are used in the login areas, and like its name, it is indispensable. By using these cookies, you don’t need to login to every page of the website.

  • Behavior cookies:

These cookies are also referred to as advertising cookies. Behaviors cookies are used to give the users an enhanced advertising experience. These ads can track how users interact with the ads. They track which products or services you are most interested in. Essential cookies ensure the same advertisement does not come again and again, and the visitor gets bothered.

  • Performance Cookies:

These cookies identify you after visiting the first time. When you visit a second time to the website, these cookies remembered how you interacted with the site, what page you visited most, and others. These cookies serve you with more personalized content.

  • Flash Cookies:

Flash cookies are used for viewing the videos on the website. On websites, there are so many videos and animations are available. To play them, Flash cookies are needed. Flash cookies are stored on the user’s computer or desktop.

  • Analytical Cookies:

These analytical cookies are also known as customization cookies. By using these cookies, we can track user interactions with our site. It helps us to improve our services. For example, we can get information on which pages people are getting more interested in, where they are staying long, where they are leaving soon by identifying that we can work to improve our services so that the duration could increase.

  • Third-party cookies concern:

On our website, third parties also operate their cookies. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other mediums have their own cookies policy. Like us, these cookies also help them to serve better. However, as they have different cookies policies, we are not aware of their policies. If they store user data, misuse them, we are not responsible for that anyway. So we are requesting you to read third party cookies policy whenever you visit any third party website.

How can you control the cookies?

When you visit our website for the first time, you will get a notification of cookies there you need to accept our cookies policy. When you click the accept button, that implies you have read all our cookies policy thoroughly, and you fully agree with them. If you do not want the cookies to track you, from your web browser you have used to visit our site can remove the cookies from there.

Changes, modification, or deleting any cookies policy:

We hold the right to change, modify or delete any of our cookie policy(s) any time without any earlier information. So we are requesting you to read our cookies policy frequently to stay up to date on our cookies policy after modifying, changing, or deleting. If you still keep visiting our site, it means you have read all our new or modified policies, and you agree with them.

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