How To Identify Fake Data Entry Jobs And Stay Safe From Them

Due to the increased numbers of scammers and the demand for data entry work now it is essential to identify fake data entry jobs.

On the internet lots of people search for jobs, any people search for part-time jobs which can be performed in flexible timing, from anywhere. Online data entry jobs are one of those jobs which are in high demand and can be easily from home as per one’s comfort.

In a previous article: we have mentioned some details about the data entry jobs. We have demonstrated how it is excellent for people who do not have many skills.

But this field is now congested with fake people and data entry scammers. Besides the legitimate data entry job providers, the number of scammers is comparatively now very high. Intact, the number of unethical people is way higher than the genuine providers. That caused lots of financial damages to the people who are not aware of them. Sometimes people get in serious trouble due to data entry scammers.

In this article, we will talk about fake data entry works. How people can be able to identify the legitimate data entry works, and not fall the trap of the scammers. Besides, will show you some places on the internet where you can get cheated and lose money. Also, we will provide you some tips to identify the fake data entry job providers. Firstly let’s see the places where it all starts or from where you can be getting stated of the fraudulence. Even though there are lots of offline data entry scams are occurring offline, in this article, we will talk about the online data entry job scams.

Data entry job scams from Google:

Now anything we need, whether it is a product or service or something else, we search it on Google, and why not? It has billions of websites containing information about almost anything. In fact, we also search for data entry works on Google. It is a harsh truth that most people get attracted by the data entry scammers through Google, but Google is not responsible for that anyway. It is a search engine; the world’s search engine gets billions of search queries each day and serves billions of results. People visit Google to search for anything and then land on any of the results page websites. Maybe you have also come to this article following the same. Let’s how it happens.
When you search “data entry jobs,” lots of results appear on your dashboard.
We typically observe two types of results: the first one is the organic ones and the second one is paid ones.
Most of the data entry scammers use the second option paid ones.

Beware of clicking data entry ads:

The organic method by websites rank is way more time consuming and needs lots of efforts. Most of the time, the industry leaders, genuine businesses who are on the market for a while taking the position on the search result page organically. The comparatively paid option is faster and gives you nearly instant results. For the fake data entry jobs it is necessary to do the things quickly because, as soon Google detects any suspicious activity, Google blocks those ads. Besides that after getting deceit, many people complained of various review websites and legal departments. Then their site gets a ban. So, they have to work quickly, as reason, they rely on ads. So, beware of licking ads.

Another concept behind this is companies or the platforms that are searching for the employees to complete their tasks have vacancies on their company barely advertise. That is because the proportion of the employees and employers is huge. A vast number of people with huge qualifications, work experience, searching for jobs. So, it’s very easy for companies, businesses to find their dream Worker. Most of the companies have their career page. Through that page, they hire workers. If they require employees, they will hardly put a notification or update on their website as well as their social media handles. If you go to the freelance sites, which are a very genuine source to get a job, they barely Ad for the employees. Actually, job seekers come on their own and submit their requirements.
That’s the majority of cases. Sometimes the companies also run advertisements but for them, their name and reputation are enough to justify their legitimacy.

here is another thing you should look for when you are tracing the fake data entry works. That is their URL or you can say their domain name.

Avoid odd website URLs:

To figure out whether it is a legitimate or fake data entry job, one thing that can really help you is looking at the website URLs you are landing. Nowadays, buying a domain and host is not a big deal as many people know these things. Data entry scammers often buy some of the very weird domains like “,”

 Or “” You may be sure of it that they are scammers. Now, you are reading this article on “” See, it is a generic and a usual domain name. People land on a website, for purposes and regarding that the website has its name. The spammers mostly use these types of URLs. If you see them, they do not explain any business or specific identity. If you have a company that wants to hire people to get your job done, you must have a business-related website. 

These are the external thing and pints before you visit a legitimate data entry job site or fake ones. After you click on the URL now you need to observe the website content.

Website content of the data entry website:

By looking toward the website content you can easily guess the legitimacy of the job provider. So below are some points you need to check out while serving on the website whether you have come across organically or by clicking ads, or by the referral of someone.

Detailed job description:

All the legitimate data entry job providers focus on the task, not the earning opportunity. There are lots of types of data entry works available whether it is taking any data from any form to make a digital copy, typing anything from somewhere. So, if someone is looking for data entry workers, they will clearly mention the job. What is this, how to perform, and other important particulars. But these are not with the scam data entry sites. Their primary focus is on giving you the earning opportunity. Their website content mostly covers how much you can earn from them. Your life will change, this type of kinds of stuff.  So, if you find this type of contexts overlapping the site, it is s clear sign, you should step back.

Immense earning claims:

Well, that was until you reach the website. After landing on the data entry work website, now it is important to look at their claims. See what they are talking about the earnings. You are searching for the jobs for the money, of course. So, look at their job description. Are they claiming to give you a huge income? For instance, whether you are working for a company or working on a freelance basis, there is an industry-standard payment.

Suppose most of the companies or people offer $10 for that data entry work. So, if you are lucky enough, you might get paid a maximum of 12 to 15 dollars. But what scammers do is they pretend to give you $30 or even more. So, it is simple we need to think, why they are about to pay double or even more for the same job. It is very attractive to see that you will get $40 or even more per hour by entering data. But, nobody will give such an immense payment for putting data.

Open working criteria:

The data entry job is one of the easiest jobs to perform where you need minimum knowledge. It is still pervasive and has reasons to ask you for your qualification, your working expertise. For example, basic computer knowledge, MS Word, or Excel knowledge is essential for data entry work. But, the data entry scammers do not care about your understanding or qualification because they do not have any job. So, when you visit their site, search in detail, see what criteria they have to qualify for their job. If they do not have any of them, there is a chance it is a fake one. This is because they are about to cheat people, and if they set criteria, lots of people will step back from there. They always put such criteria where most of the people get fit for the job.

Avoid giving any membership fees:

Most of the people who have already searched many data entry websites may have noticed many of them ask for membership fees to enroll in the job. This type of terms clearly indicates that they are not fair at all. 

If a company wants to hire employees for their work, simply hire you and provide you the job may come with some minimal terms and conditions. The freelance data entry workers get job performs the task and get paid. Now, where is the scope of taking memberships or all these types of kinds of stuff?. If you have a job needed to be done by someone, why you will take charges from people membership charges. 

Taking any type of membership fee does not make any sense at all. So, companies wrap-up the thing by saying that it is for security purposes. If someone makes any mistake or damages, they will recover from it. Still, it does not make any sense. If you offer someone a job and they do not perform it correctly or the way you were asked so what will you do? You won’t pay them. That’s all. But taking any safety money from them is suspicious practice, and you show you should not be doing that. For example, you can take all the freelancing websites. They are one of the trustiest places to find your dream job. They also follow the same process. If the employer does not like your jobs, they will not pay you, but they never demand any safety money off something like the membership fees or joining fee.

Data entry fake agreement:

Here we are going to talk about next-level data entry frauds. This type of scammers is hazardous and often causes a massive amount of financial losses and, in some cases, immense mental harassment and threats.
Let’s see how people fall on this type of data entry scams.
Compared to typical scammers, these people are more organized. They are more confident, and they do not ask for any membership or any type of fee at all. But what loss they occur is vast. Like other data entry work providers, they ask you to sign in their terms and conditions. Most of us do not take time and read those terms and conditions.

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Typically they set their terms and conditions in such a way where you will be given the job and deadline. If you cross the deadline for any reason or did not make the job accurately as per their requirements, forget about the payments; you may face legal charges.
They offer you some massive works which are barely possible to complete under their given timing.
Also, they ask you to maintain some impossible accuracy for the job.
In both cases, when you fail to complete their goal, they ask you to give compensation to an enormous amount. They even threaten you to take legal actions and charge you a massive amount of money via court orders as you have signed to their terms and conditions.
Many people, who are not aware of these dark practices, get scared and pay them the money they ask.

Asking to join any course:

Many data entry job providers are partially scammers. How? They do not have any job either but pretend to give you that and make you rich. You will find everything fit and fair and no place to confuse. But suddenly, when you are about to get involved, you can to know that you need to do a course on data entry from them. After completion of that, you will get the job straight away. As a course fee, you need to pay an amount. If that is the case, it simply means you are about to get cheated. First of all, data entry is not a very tough or technical job anyway. So, it does not require any hard practice. However, to perform some particular employment type, one may need to adopt specific software or dashboard.
Nevertheless, it would not be the right option. If someone needs to hire you and perform some customize jobs, they will teach free of cost because you are about to do their things right. In most cases, you do not get any job after completing the course.

Fake data entry jobs from the classified sites:

Most of the scammers create individual sites and run advertisements on Google or other search engines. But there are some types of scammers present too who do not have any website and convince people over the phone. In most cases, people come in touch with them via various classified sites. Classified sites are a type of platform where you will find both buyers and sellers of products and services. There you will find tons of tons of fake data entry job ads. After showing interest in them, you will get a call from them. Then they wash your brain and put you in trouble. As you do not see their website or other information, you need to listen attentively to what they are asking about.

Fake data entry jobs on the job boarding websites:

Like the classified sites, there are several job portal websites, too, where you may face fake data entry works as it is job portal it no by means that you will find only genuine data entry jobs there. Job boarding websites are also the place where you can find online data entry jobs. Many fraudsters posts fake jobs there, too, and you may face serious troubles there.

Fake online data entry jobs from a referral:

In many cases, people get affected by these fraud companies by referrals of others. Sometimes, these companies offer referral programs and disclose that you will earn more money if you join someone. It is similar to multi-level marketing. In this internet world, referring something to someone is not a tough job. You can easily be referred by Facebook or any other networking channels.
These types of scammers do the whole concept is for the long run. They firstly hire people and pay them for the first few months or the starting payments. You need to give membership fees for joining. Whenever someone joins their company, they need to pay any fees. Usually, they pay you a little amount for the job, and sometimes the job is just a metaphor also. There is no real job present, either. However, they ask you to join more members of their platform. So, your earnings would be higher. They also offer you commission for joining more people. This concept is now growing like mushrooms in the data entry fraud industry.

Now see what type of safety measures you should take if you want to skip the scammers most of the time.

Find data entry jobs from freelancing sites:

Instead of searching on Google and clicking those data entry ads, it is better to visit a freelancing website and join as a freelancer. The freelance platforms are now one of the best ways to find data entry jobs worldwide. The platform takes care of all the authenticity and payments. If you could perform the job correctly, you can be assured about the payment. Also, people from all over the world post job there, your chances are higher to get data entry works.
Freelance platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr are very popular among freelancers, and millions of employees and employers meet there. All you need to do is create an attractive profile there, set your pricing. Compared to the other sources of getting it is less risky.

Listen attentively over the phone:

There are many websites or platforms where you can talk to the representatives for your concern. When you get a call from them, listen attentively. If you find that they have more interest in offering you the job than you, it flags some fraudulent activities. Are they asking about your banking details? Or social media profiles? Or something sensitive information?. Giving them this confidential information is not the right thing anyway, and it is a scam sign. They might ask you to authenticate your bank account with them to receive payments, but unless you are sure about their authenticity, you should not be sharing such information.

Check the review of the data entry company:

To find out the legitimacy of a data entry company, checking the job provider’s review is very important and can help you figure out whether it is genuine or not. There are many review platforms online where people share their experiences with any company or service. After getting cheated from somewhere, many people complaints about it on government portals as well. That could also be a good source. If you search a list of fake data entry companies, you will find the old players of the data entry scam. All you need to do is go to Google and search “your job provider review.”There you would find people’s real experience with them. They explain everything in detail, which will help you not fall into their trap.

Do not share your personal information:

Unless you are sure of the company, you should not be sharing your information with anyone. Information such as ard details, your physical address can be used for unfair practices. Sometimes these platforms sell out your details to many other types of scammers who may steal money from your bank account or wallet. They often cause privacy breaches too.

What to do if you fall into the trap of data entry scammers?

Despite taking all the precautions, one may fall into the scammers trap because they come up with new concepts to fool people, so people often make a mistake and get cheated. So what if you fall under their deceit? Some scammers do not cause severe damage. They just trap people and steal their money by following several fake tactics. But some are way more dangerous. They give threats to you for many reasons. So, increase you get stuck in that situation,

  • Firstly you need to overcome panic and stay calm.
  • You can talk to a responsible person who keeps in-depth knowledge in these matters and explain everything that happened to you.
  • If the matter is way more severe, you should contact the police or the law departments to help you with this. Also, you can file complaints on the Cyber Crime Department as well.
  • Many times when you sign up for the fake data entry agreements, you get threats of case files and legal actions. In such a case, you may be concerned with law expertise too. If you search online, lots of portals can give you a better idea of everything.


A large number of people are still jobless in India. Every year new freshers are passing out from the colleges, Universities, but did not get the job. Not only has the pass out students, now everyone wanted to do something for their earnings. A housewife wishes to earn some cash during her free time, running students try for part-time jobs to cover up their pocket money. For all of them who are looking for a less complex and job, online data entry is a flexible alluring option.

But many of them completely not aware of the internet, or there is something fraud things might happen to them. Lots of types of data entry scams are taking place each day. If you search for news, many data entry scammers are getting caught by the police, but still, it is not enough, and we need to have proper knowledge of how to prevent these scams. After reading this article, we hope you can be able to safeguard yourself from these types of scams. It is an excellent opportunity to make passive income if you find genuine data entry jobs.

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