What Is Transcription Job And How To Earn Money From It?

Many people might be interested in what is transcription job if they are looking for a side hustle without investing money.
Since the global pandemic hit the world, people are forced to work in their own space. But, not all jobs are work-from-home ready.

Still, there is no short of opportunity working from home. There are plenty of jobs, you can perform from your own comfort of home, and the payments are also quite impressive. In this article we will talk about a job which can be performed home your place, that’s transcription job. Many people have heard about it and many don’t. You will come to know everything about the transcription job here. Let’s first start with,

What is a transcription job?

Transcription is taking a video where some is telling something or giving any speech, and writing is down to any document file. The job is as simple as that. Just get a video as you asked, listen to it carefully and write every word of it to a Word file or document as per told.
A transcriptionist is a specialist who has expertise in that field and does the job with accuracy. Now, two questions might come instinct: Why would someone hire and offer a job transcription? Does it require expertise?
Obviously, when we want to know something through videos, we go to YouTube and search the video and watch. But, there are many cases where a transcript version of that video is required, and you would be amazed to know people pay quite an impressive amount to transcript a video.
Now let’s come to another question,

Do transcription jobs require any special expertise?

Well, the job sounds quite simple and easy to perform, but actually, it is not. The work needs great expertise because the task you get to do might be difficult. The topics of videos you get to the transcript might not be a known topic.
Specific niche videos contain exceptional types of words, terminologies. So, if you do not become aware of the topic, you will not be able to comprehend what they are saying in the video. In fact, in many companies where you might find your job, you may face tests to get the job. So, the job is not simple as it looks like.

Like all the other online jobs, this can be performed from your own space.


Well, this job consumes a lot of time, and if you are the kind of person who cannot keep working for a long, this job might not be suitable for you. Here you need to listen to those audios many times to completely understand what they are saying about the video. It may take lots of time because the audio you get provided often has bad sound quality. So, to understand the exact word, you need to hear that again and again.

A stable internet connection:

To communicate with your employer, have discussions, and perform the job, you must need a computer or laptop with a stable internet connection. Apart from chats, phone calls, and emails, video calling has become a significant communication mode. Whether you are talking with your employer directly, working as a transcriber, or working with a company, video communication must be required. To be on an uninterrupted video calling, you would require high-speed internet. Also, many companies provide specific applications where you need to log in and need to complete your work. These applications are often heavy and take lots of time to load. With a slow internet connection, your task might be challenging to achieve.

Good Knowledge of the language you are going to work in:

You will need expertise in the language you are going to a transcript. Sometimes it requires converting the video context to another language. So if you have specialization in multiple languages, then it’s a bonus.

Good typing speed and accuracy:

Similar to the data entry works where you just enter data, here with the transcription jobs, a good typing speed, along with high accuracy, is must required. The jobs the earning lies on typing, speed is very crucial. As much content your type in minimal timing, you get higher earning options.

Typical internet browsing:

Basic computer skills are also essential for the transcription job. The general MS word, internet surfing knowledge would be required for that job. If you are working for any company, they might provide you specific software, where you will need to type the document there.

A good headset:

To decode the voice of the speaker, you need to hear the words properly. Bad quality audio often makes the job harder for transcriptionists. In that case, a good-quality hearing device is very much needed.

Foot Pedal:

Foot Pedal is a device that is used to pause or play a video you are playing. When you are just started out with the transcription job, that is ok with the computer, and of course, you will need one. But when you are doing an extensive transcription job and doing it to make handsome money, pausing and playing the video with hand could be challenging and time-consuming. So, a foot pedal is also an important thing.

Expertise in English:

Even though the transcription job would be available in many languages, but most of the jobs available in English. Besides, the works, communication is very much important to get the task is an important thing. As English is the widely used language around the world, it is important to have expertise in the English language.

Do you need to join any transcription course to get a job in that field?

As mentioned earlier, the job might sound easy enough, but actually, it is not. When you get provided any audio or video file, there might be any meeting, any discussion, or any courtroom conversation. There, many people often talk simultaneously. Many persons there speak there at a time, Which makes it harder to decode and write the concept.

Besides, the conversation is usually filled with lots of grammatical mistakes. But, you do not write that. You need to make that thing grammatically correct.

So, to deal with these things and to complete your job more systematically, a course on transcription might help you.

There are many reputed companies available where you can join as a transcriptionist and earn money. Many companies would require previous experience, transcribing certificate, and many of them allow you for nothing. Below are some of the reputable platforms where you can find your first job in that field. Like all other fields of online jobs, it is a major concern for all the people that the company we are going to work with is legit?

So, here are some companies that are fair and offer legitimate jobs, and also, the payments are fair enough.


It is one of the most popular platforms to find transcribing jobs. Lots of reputed companies come here and get their jobs done. Companies such as Oracle, Facebook, Salesforce, Harvard University, and many more are trusted partners of TranscribeMe. According to their website, 2 million+ members are working with them. They do not charge any registration charge or joining fee from the job seekers. After applying, you need to pass their eligibility test to qualify for their task. The payment is transparent, and you can take the money through PayPal.


Tigerfish is one of the renowned names in transcribing industry. After getting familiar with their work process, you can download their sample audio files.

Any individual who is above 18 years can join and work. The payout is available with PayPal. Earnings are also very attractive; $8-$10 per hour. The only drawback with Tigerfish transcription is, only US citizens can join and apply for the task. Also, you need to pass their comprehensive test to get the transcription job on Tigerfish.


Rev is a platform where you can join as a freelancer and earn money through transcribing and adding captions to the videos. People who are interested in transcription can earn $0.30-$1.10 per video/audio minute.

This platform also asks people to complete a test before joining. According to the company, the earning depends on many things but seasoned transcriptionists make about $1495 per month whereas, the top 5 percent of people earn around $900 per month at Rev.

Casting words:

If you are looking for a flexible transcription job where you get paid for as little as you complete, CastingWords is the place. It is basically not different from other platforms where you join as a transcriptionist and earn money. One thing that should be checked, whether your country accepts PayPal payment because it is the only option they use for payout.


GoTranscript is one of the best options for beginner transcriptionists. This platform has no boundaries for earnings and regions. People from all around the world can join that platform and can earn money. This website offers complete flexibility on time. You can do it whenever you have spare time. For payments, they use both PayPal and Payoneer. After signing up, you need to fill up some short quizzes and complete some demo tasks with audio files.

If you are a new starter, these platforms could be an excellent option for your transcription journey.

Thanks for reading. We hope you have enjoyed the article. Read more related articles,

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