How To Earn Money With Meesho? Every Earning Method Explained

In this high rise of the eCommerce industry, a concept is widely taking place among people who want to earn money online.

Ecommerce is one of the booming business models that have crossed billions of dollars of revenue, basically selling products online. That model has made billionaires to the owners, gave earnings to the affiliates, bloggers, YouTube content creators, and many more.

Many of you might have heard of a website and a mobile application Meesho. Even though the platform is live and doing its operations for a while, many of us are not aware of that. Especially if you are also searching for a way to make some handsome cash online, stay stick to that article because we are going to explain what is Meesho and how to earn money from it. So let’s start with,

What is Meesho?

Meesho is not a whole different concept or platform for selling a product online. There are sellers who sell their products and buyers who come and buy goods. But, the selling and reaching to the customer is different from a typical eCommerce website. In fact, it fits better calling a social commerce platform rather than an eCommerce platform. Meesho is India’s top online reselling platform where people sell products listed on that platform to the customers from the online earner’s perspective. From there, resellers make money from there.

Let’s dig deeper into this and see,

How Meesho works?

Like a typical online shopping platform, it has lots of products. People come to their platform, choose their preferred ones, place an order, initiated payments, and that’s it Meesho taken care of that order and send it to their buyers by courier. They have lots of sellers who list their products and sell them.

From taking orders, to send a product to the customer, handle any cancellation, all done by Meesho.

But, only having tons of sellers with a wide range of products does not make any result. You need to reach the customers. Here Meesho takes a different approach. They have lots’ of resellers who share products through various social media communities in exchange for earnings. Many housewives, college students, and others share products through their social media accounts with people. When someone buys a product, they earn as they want.

There are some differences between typical shopping platforms and Meesho. Lets’s take the reference of Amazon.

Now, let’s come to the earning part.

How can you earn money from Meesho?

Meesho is a reputed platform where millions of people are making money by selling their products without managing any inventory or having products. There are mainly two types of earning options available.

  1. People who do not have or don’t want to invest money to make money.
  2. People who have products, whether they make it or keep storing it in their warehouse.

How to make money from Meesho without investing anything?

There are many earning options, concepts available on the internet you can pursue to make a passive income. But, most of them require some amount to invest in order to start making money. But here with Meesho, you do not need to invest anything except your time and effort.

Become a Meesho reseller:

If you search on the internet, Meesho is the number 1 reselling app in India as there are tons of resellers joined and making money from it. Reseller typically comprehends, buying something from someone and sell it so someone else. But Meesho reseller is different. You do not need to buy anything to sell on Meesho. You just need to download the Meesho app.

Before starting that portion, we want to make clear that it is not like any Forex or batting type earning option where you are told of making thousands of dollars each month, as per the product sharing and sales you earn money.

So, let’s see

How can you start making money as a Meesho reseller?

The process starts with downloading the Meesho app. It is available for both Android and iOS users. After downloading the app, you need to verify your mobile number. After filling up all the necessary details, you are good to go. When you visit the app, you will find lots of products in the app.

All kinds of men, women, and kids wear, footwear, bags, kitchen appliances, electronics products, pieces of jewelry, and lots of other products are being sold on Meesho.

Now, what you need to do?

It is quite simple. Just simply share the products to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. When you send a product to someone, you just need to send them the image and its description.

As WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app people use, on the app, you will get a direct link on Meesho to share via WhatsApp.

Well. That is the

How much can you earn from Meesho as a reseller?

Well, that is the question most people would straightly interest in, how much can I earn from Meesho. As you have read the article till now, you have clearly understood that it depends on you.

If you take words of Meesho itself, many people make around Rs. 25,000 per month. In fact, those who are on Meesho and have a good number of people connected earn Rs. 40,000 too. But the earning from Meesho depends on many factors. Such as

The margin you set:

As you can set your own margin, that means you decide how much you want to earn from selling a product. It you set a big margin, you earn more that’s easy math but putting too much margin will reduce the number of orders you would get.

Your audience base:

If you are an influencer or have any popular page on Facebook, have a huge following on Instagram, you are definitely likely to see more earnings from Meesho. It’s about reaching more people and sharing the products with them.

Another earning option you have with the Meesho app is referring.

Refer earning on Meesho:

Like many other apps, Meesho also runs a referral program where you can earn money by referring the Meesho app to your friends, family members, and others.

How refer and earn works on Meesho?

There are lots of apps, who simply offer money when someone signup using your coupon. But, the Meesho app does not give you a one-time bonus when someone installs the app. Instead, it provides you a commission when someone uses your code to signup and purchase something. That seems way more better than receiving just a one-time small amount.

How to refer the Meshoo app to someone?

Well, it’s very simple.

  • Firstly, you need to install the app.
  • Then you need to to the account section.
  • After that, click on the Refer and Earn section.
  • Then you will get a code there. Share the code to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere.

There are four slabs for referral earnings.

Zero Referrals, Rising Star, Super Star, and Mega Star.

Zero Referrals:

It indicates you haven’t successfully referred to any friend, or no one has used your referral code to sign up.

Rising Star:

In this slab, you will earn 10% of the first three sales. After that, you will be paid 1% of the sale for the first 12 months.

Super Star:

In this category, the commission is 20% of the first three orders. Then the commission is 1% for the first 12 months.

Mega Star:

This is the utmost slab with the refer and earn program. When you enter this level, you make a 25% commission on the first 3 sales. After that, you get 1% for the first 12 months.

The referral earning with Meesho only counts on the product price. Reseller margin and shipping costs are not included here.

What is the difference Between Meesho and other eCommerce platforms?

In terms of earnings, there are many differences between Meesho and most eCommerce platforms.

You do not need to become an affiliate partner separately:

Starting an affiliate marketing business with eCommerce companies such as Amazon, eBay, or Flipkart is an excellent way to make money. The affiliate program is you join as an affiliate to their platform, and you are provided necessary details of how to promote products and where to. But with Meesho, you do not need to create an affiliate account separately. In fact, they do not mention you as an affiliate; they call you a reseller because you actually sell products listed there.

Earning differences:

On Amazon or other shopping platforms, there is different percentage of commissions on different products. For instance, if you sell a Smartphone worth Rs15,000, you would get 1% commission which is Rs.150.

But in Meesho, the case is different. When you send a product to a customer, they do not get the product price either. In fact, they do not even know the product is from Meesho.


So, let’s the product is of 15,000. Now you can add your margin there as you wish. So, basically, how much you will earn on that product depends on you, not Meesho. That is definitely reselling products indeed.

Sharing options:

Different shopping sites have different policies to share products and sell them. But with Meesho, there are no policies. You can share products on any social media platform in the fairway.

Ordering products:

On Meesho, customers do not order products for themselves. You order the product for the customer to their address. When someone gets convinced of the product you have shared with them and asks you to place an order, you take money from them and pay the amount after excluding your profit margin.

On the other hand, the eCommerce platforms provide your unique link for selling products. You place links to places, and when someone clicks on the products and buys, you get commissions for that.

For people who have their products can,

Become a Meshoo Seller:

This part is for the manufacturers or those who buy a product in bulk and store it. This is nothing much different from being a seller on Amazon and Flipkart. You list products on various categories and sell them through Meesho, and in return, Meesho takes a commission from you. There are many benefits of joining Meesho like,

Over 1 crore resellers:

There are over one crore people who are reselling your products. That’s a huge number. One crore people are projecting products to their known ones or fans. That increases the chance of selling way more. People mostly share products from Meesho with their relatives, friends, and known persons. There they can get their answers regarding the products.

Wide range accessibility:

Meesho covers over 24,000 PIN codes to deliver. That is huge. It almost covers the whole of India. You can sell products to almost every city across India.

Wide range of product type:

If you want to sell and confuse which product I should choose, you would be happy to know that there are over 700 product categories you can choose from. Just pick up the product as per your convenience and preference, and start selling on Meesho.

Start selling with minimum documents:

To become a Meesho seller, you need less paperwork. You can get started with only a bank account and GSTIN number.

The commission rate is considerably low:

The commission rate for Meesho is very low, so that your earnings could be more. They have below 1.8% commissions which is the best in this eCommerce in the industry.

If you are a small business owner and have a lower capacity to purchase and stock products, Meesho would be the best option for you to get started selling online. Even if you are an individual, and want to start selling online, you can do it too.

According to Meesho, there are more than 10 million people are joined Meesho as resellers. Many people earned money from Meesho and still are doing. As the network is so big and populated, you can guess the platform is trustworthy enough.

In India, if you are searching for a way where you can earn money from your home without investing anything, then Meesho is a must-try option. What else could be more convenient than sharing products with your friends, and contacts?

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