Genuine Earning Methods On Instagram That People Are Using

So, you are tired of watching Instagram reels, liking, and followings and want to explore earning methods on Instagram, right?

If you are still not making money from Instagram, you are most of those one billion monthly active users. There are billions of users of this immensely popular photo-sharing platform.

But Instagram is not only for sharing your moments, watching short videos there. Influencers are making thousands of dollars of income from it every month. How?

In this article, we will walk you through all the genuine earning methods that people are using. In addition, we will break a common myth that people often find real.

So, let’s start with the first earning way on Instagram,

Selling your own products:

Do you have your own product? Any clothing, or electronic product manufacturing, or something else? It does not always necessarily mean that you have to own your website to sell online. Instagram is an excellent place to sell your goods as you get an excellent way to showcase your products.

If you have your product or services, that makes it a whole lot easier to market your product and generate revenue. There are three types of Instagram accounts you can choose from. As you have your own product, it is better to go with a business account. That account provides many market-oriented tools and functionality to sell your products.

For instance, Instagram shopping is an excellent feature that allows buyers to interact with the purchasable products and buy them directly through the app. Also, Instagram stories have tremendous potential to purchase products from Instagram.

Instagram Ads:

To boost your marketing efforts, you can use Instagram Ads to reach your targeted audiences. You can choose your niche audiences and decide whom you want to show you ads, how long you want to add.

Now let’s assume you do not have any product or services of your own. Still, you have huge earning opportunities on Instagram. In fact, most people who earn handsome income do not own any product or service.

Promoting product and services of others:

Working as a referral is also known as affiliate marketing, where any influencer promotes a product and service in exchange for a commission on product purchase. If you are on Instagram for a while, follow any influencer, they describe a product or service in a promotional manner. They usually mention a coupon code to apply at the time of payment. That is an example of promoting a product of others in the true sense. If someone buys any product using that code, the influencer earns money from there.

Ho many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

That is probably one of the high searched terms from the Instagram earning aspirants. Someone searches how much you can make with 1k Instagram followers, some searches 100k, and even with millions of followers. So, we are going to give you an idea of how many followers do you need to make money from Instagram.

There are many factors associate with the number of followers. The factors are,

The engagement:

The number of followers is only ne side of the coin. Engagement also matters most. Let’s assume you have 100k followers, but the engagement is very poor when you post something from your account. So, when you would do any sponsored posts, the company whose product or service you are promoting would see fewer conversions.

If you are dealing with the basis of commissions, then no need to mention earnings would not be impressive enough.

Apart from that, if you are charging a one-time payment for making a sponsored post, you might charge high the first time, but since after, they are never going to pay you that much.

So, having a huge follower base is not enough, engagement is important too.

Your reputation:

Reputation matters the most to attract companies and businesses and get high payment. If you look at the popular Instagram influencers, they avoid posting spammy things on their account. When a company is willing to collaborate with you, they go through your account, check your users’ genre, posts, and many other things. When you are willing to collaborate with any company, make sure the company is trustworthy and your users do not get affected by that. Otherwise, you might lose your reputation and the trust of your followers.

The niche you have:

Brands or companies tend to find influencers who are related to their business. If you run an account of gadgets you will be approached by electronic brands. That makes sense because all your followers are interested in your channel and if any relevant company offers you to promote one of their products they are likely to see more engagements and more conversions.
Not all niches are equally popular and full of wealth. Some categories are more popular and have more earning opportunities than others. Below, we are mentioning top trending niches on Instagram,

The number one topic is,

Health and fitness:

A lean, muscular, or fit body always attracts the attention of people, whether they are offline or online. As becoming fit and healthy becomes a significant concern for most people, it makes a top preferable niche on Instagram. The fitness sector is a multi-billion dollar industry. The health and fitness sector is so diverse that you will find tons of companies from making consumable health products to fitness equipment. If you choose the health and fitness sector and gain genuine followers, you can easily attract companies who will offer you to promote their products.


If you are a girl, you must know how much a typical girl spends money on beauty products. They are super expensive, whether conditioner or cream, lip gloss or whatever kind of product it is. That creates a vast opportunity for beauticians to earn a good income through Instagram. If you are a beautician, you can create a profile on beauty tips. You can see it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform. People watch a lot of beauty-related videos. That means there is a massive demand for the niche.


Humans do love traveling. There would hardly be someone who won’t really want to go hand around. From ancient times, people traveling to the world. The only thing that has changed is, sharing their traveling experience. In ancient times people wrote the things they explored while traveling. Now people shoot videos and photos. When it comes to sharing, what else could be better than Instagram. On this particular platform, you can share your travel experience and gain followers and popularity. It is one of the most interesting categories. If you travel a lot, you can share your photos and become popular here.

These are the top-earning niches, but that no means you cannot become successful in your niche. You may find influencers in almost all categories on Instagram and they are doing great.

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