Captcha Solving Jobs 101- Everything You Need To Know About

You might be interested in making money from the internet even you have less experience and knowledge. Then why not try captcha solving jobs?

Making money online does not have to be so hard all the time. There are always some methods that pay you a huge amount of money but you have to gain a considerable amount of knowledge on that reasons.

But, the opportunities on the internet are vast and thankfully there are many ways you can start making money. Obviously, you won’t get millionaires with it but definitely, you could be able to make a handful of cash.

In this article, we will discuss an earning option that requires no prior experience, deep knowledge, and investments. We will be talking about captcha-solving jobs. What are the captcha-solving jobs, what particulars you would need to start making money from it, and finally platforms where you can find captcha-solving jobs?

What is a captcha?

More or less we all have encountered captchas while searching for something on the internet. It might directly pitch from Google making searches on Google search or stop by visiting a website.

There are now three types of captchas on the internet.

  • Text-based. 
  • Audio-based.
  • Picture-based.

In most cases when you are likely to log in to any website and are about to enter credentials, you might encounter the number or word mixed captcha fillings.

When you search on Google and for any reason, it traces your IP as suspicious, it put you filling the image or audio captcha fillings.

They are basically for identification purposes. The website or the search wants to make sure that you are a genuine human and not a bot who is just making automated searches to slow down the whole system.

Now, as you know captchas are placed for a good reason then,

What is and why is captcha solving jobs?

The aforementioned captcha introduction is only one aspect and which is obvious. They are for security from spammers. Captcha solving jobs are actually you solve captchas for someone and get paid as a reward or cash.

Just like any other job on the internet people are skeptical about it especially when you are searching for a job where you need less knowledge and experience.


Is a captcha solving job is a legitimate job?

If you try searching about a product or service, it does not matter how big or how reputed the company is, you will find both positive and negative reviews. Some have a large stake in bad comments and some have good ones the most. But one is for sure there will always be some negatives one no matter it is Google, Amazon, or Facebook. In captcha solving which is very easy to perform the bad ones is much higher than the good ones. Below we are highlighting both types of captcha solving

There are two aspects of the captcha solving jobs one is fair and one might not be fair. First, face the fair ones.

The fair captcha jobs:

There are platforms where you can get fair captcha solving tasks. They typically provide you with some meaningful images and you need to extract the text from the image. The reasons behind this would be for collecting and gathering the information. They are basically fair.

But it has another side too like said above.

Spammy captcha solving jobs:

The different aspect of the captcha solving job is, it can be used to fulfill spam practices. How?

There are hackers, spammers who are widely present online who are willing to destroy and platform or any system. They can do so by logging in bulk to a website or software. 

For example, to buy anything from a website, we need to give our information there which is nothing but putting logging information. Many businesses, collect email and other information simply by asking them. Now, spammers flood their mail storage with fake email IDs, and credentials. Businesses won’t get any lead from there. The technology revolution has not only touched down to the right people. Hackers and spammers also have access to various sophisticated technologies. Using them, they automatically sign up with different login information.

To combat that problem, businesses and needfuls use captchas. Artificial intelligence is still not smart enough to beat captchas and only a human can solve captchas. 

But on their own, they cannot do much if the website owner has leveraged the captcha security.

So, they hire people to fill up captchas for them. It is a common trap that attracts so many people because they look nearly fair and you never know how your efforts are being used by the people for which you have been working. 

Do captcha jobs really pay?

Solving captchas are not so difficult. That makes it available for everyone and there are lots of spammers who actually make fool of you. Previously we talked about how people can use your captcha jobs in the wrong way. Now we will figure out, do captcha jobs really pay? 

To put it simply, yes, captcha jobs really pay but there is a black space too, just like in any other earning opportunity. 

To be honest most of the captcha-solving jobs available on the internet are nothing but fake. They will ask for your details offer you the task. When you would finish your task, you won’t have anything. They are not going to pay you. 

That’s why trusted captcha entry jobs should be chosen. 

Below we are mentioning some trusted captcha entry job sites where you can work and get paid.


The reason for putting this platform in the first place is $200 every month by captcha solving. yes, you have heard it right, the platform claims that people can earn type credits worth over $200 every month. It is a conglomerate of data entry specialists and works primarily on converting scanned documents from images to text for institutions. Their footprint is situated all over the globe. 

This platform is suitable for students, people who need extra income, homestay mothers. According to the company, the earnings of an experienced in ProTypers range between $100 to $250 a month. The platform does not pay you directly, they give you Typer credits. For every 1000 word image typed, they offer $0.45. ProTypers offer a wide range of payment methods. Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza, and Western Union.


The second one is 2Captcha. It is also a popular name in captcha-solving jobs. Here you need to solve image captchas provided by the platform. There are two captcha-related services in 2Captcha. People who need captcha solving services can order a captcha service, Integrate 2Captcha API to their website. The second one is the one which individuals are looking for, solving captchas and making money. Two notable benefits of working with 2Captcha are its instant payment and the captcha loading speed. Between 10 seconds two captchas get loaded. For each 1000 captchas workers can earn up to $1.20. You can start working in 2Captcha with your computer or smartphone. Workers can have payment via PayPal, Payza, WebMoney, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin, and Airtm.


Kilotibablo is a renowned platform for providing various work from home jobs for years. It is also a good place to find captcha-solving jobs. Like any freelancing platform, Kolotibablo has a rating system for the workers. For the same work, higher-rated workers get more payment. Higher-rated workers are more efficient and experienced workers. For solving 1000 captcha images, they pay from $0.35 to $1.There are also multiple payment options available. PayPal, Payza, advCash, Bitcoins, Yandex Money, and Litecoins. The minimum threshold for PayPal is $5. However, using other withdrawal methods, you can make a payout of $1.


CaptchaTypers is yet another legitimate captcha entry job site where people can find genuine payment for their work. The joining process to the platform is quite different from the rest of the captcha entry job sites. Here you need to email at their email ID from your mail to get join. Then you will get an email back from their official email sharing your credentials for joining. As you get your details via email, you need to check the email has come from the domain name of CaptchaTypers. However, their rules are quite strict. While you are working on it, you need to stay focused and work as fast as you can. CptchaTypers payments range between $0.70 to $1.20 for every 1000 captchas solved. To work for them, you need to download and install CaptchaTypers software to your computer. Another fact is, the payment on CaptchaTypers differs from time to time. to get the best rates, you need to work between 9 pm to 9 am. The minimum payout is $2.

 The payment options available are Neteller Payment, Perfect Money, Webmoney, and Payza.


People looking for genuine captcha solving jobs can find PixProfit an excellent place. Just like any other Captcha job site, accuracy also matters the most. If you could maintain the accuracy above 95%, you would receive the best rates. However, the rates are quite low at first but after finishing the first 1000 captchas, you will see higher rates if you maintain good accuracy. PixProfit offers users between $0.60 to $1.50 for every 1000 captchas solved. In terms of earning, workers can join PixProfit’s referral program too where they can earn a 10% commission. The payment options available are PayPal, WebMoney, Libertyreserve, and Perfect Money. The minimum threshold amount is $3 for all payment gateways. 


MegaTypers is almost identical to the platform named ProTypers even the interface also looks quite similar. However, it is also a good place to fill up captchas and earn some money. From students, Homestaying mothers, and any other individual who is interested in working from the comfort of their home and earning some cash may find the platform most useful. Besides the captcha-solving jobs, people can find lots of data entry works too.

However, their work process is quite strict and if you delay entering captchas more than 15 seconds you will be taken away from that captcha. Entering too many wrong captchas and lagging the time will lead to your account ban. 

For typing 1ooo captchas, MegaTypers offers $0.40 to $1.25. The payment options available are WebMoney, Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, Western Union, Bitcoin, and checks. The minimum payout in MegaTypers is $3.

Now let’s see,

Who can try the captcha-solving jobs?

Captcha solving jobs are comparatively low-payment tasks you can find on the internet. Without ignoring the fact that it’s super easy to do, we can say the task gives plenty of cash by which you can pay your small bills and buy some stuff with it. If you are looking for a sustainable job that will pay considerable income and make you rich, then captcha-solving jobs are not for you. You should not be filling the shoes into it.

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