EarlySalary Mobile App Review- How To Get Loan From It Easily

Are looking to borrow funds up to Rs. 200k by spending only 10 to 15 minutes? Then you can give it a try to the EarlySalary instant loan app to get quick money.

No matter how prepare we are, emergencies can come anytime without giving you any early information. It is the month-end, and you did not receive your salary yet, and suddenly you get informed that some dear ones got a medical situation, and you have to go to see her quickly. In this situation, we all who are salaried persons face a case of money shortage; not even salaried but also self employers. Now, you have to borrow money from someone. You can try your friends, your colleagues, but sometimes they are too helpless to help you.

In that situation, you need someone who can provide you an instant loan. Many reputed and trustworthy platforms are now available where you can get money, and today we are going to talk about one of them. Today we will tell you about a truly excellent instant loan app that will help you in that situation. The name of the app is EarlySalary. We will discuss this app’s features, how we can get started with it, and some of its benefits. So let’s get started with,

 EarlySalary advance loan app introduction?

EarlySalary is an app-based lending platform that provides a loan to salaried persons. The company is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. The CEO and Co-Founder of the company are Akshay Mehrotra. The company was started in 2015. According to their official website, over 1 million loans have been disbursed, and they have distributed over 1900 crore as loans.

EarlySalary features:

  • You can get the money instantly: EarlySalary offers very quick loans to your bank account. You can get the amount anytime.
  • Pay per your usage: You need to pay only for the days you take to repay the loan amount.
  • Cheap interest rates: You get very easy to pay interest. If you borrow Rs. 10,000, you only need to pay Rs—9 per day.
  • No pre-closure charges: For most of the companies where you borrow the money, you have to pay a pre-closure charge, but in EarlySalary, you do not need to pay any amount as an early repayment charge.

Other products on EarlySalary:

  • Shopping loan from EarlySalary:

EarlySalary not only provides loans for doing shopping online but also includes gift cards for Amazon, Flipkart. Whether you are buying electronic products or home appliances, you can pay the loan in 3 to 6 easy EMIs.

  • Travel loan:

Need funds at the last minute for traveling? You can do it with MakeMyTrip and EarlySalary credit. People can buy MakeMyTrip vouchers, or you can use EarlySalary as the payment option. You get discounts on MakeMyTrip. You can repay the amount in 3 to 6 easy EMIs.

 How can you get started with the EarlySalary Loan app?

To get the loan amount from EarlySalary, firstly, you have to download the application. The is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download it here: EarlySalary App for Android, or EarlySalary App for Apple.

  • After installing the app, when you open the app, you will see lots of permission requests like GPS permission, Phone Permission, SMS permissions, and many more. There you need to tick on, “I agree.”
  • Then you have to allow several permissions to the EarlySalary app.
  • Next, you will see some sliders which you need to scroll side. After that, you can click on the boom right arrow button.
  • Then you will be asked to submit your phone number. After submitting your number, click on Get OTP.
  • Right after receiving the OTP, you need to enter that. In case you do not receive the OTP, you need to click on the Resend OTP.
  • After giving your OTP, click on the login button.
  • After that, you have to sign up on the app. You get three options for that number one is Facebook, the second one is Gmail, and the third one is LinkedIn.
  • If you click with Facebook, your name will appear there, and you need to click on the confirmation button.
  • Then you have to tap on the main menu and tap “Next.”
  • After that, you need to complete the process.

This platform provides loans only to salaried persons, but they have other options, like self-employed, students, and others.

If you are an employee and want to borrow the money, there is the process,

After choosing that you are a salaried person, you have to select your company name, your designation, company address, PIN code, monthly salary, your work experience, PAN card.

Then you have to enter your current residential address. After completing this stage, you need to upload your selfie.

Next, you have to upload your AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD. Finally, EarlySalary will ask you for your bank account details in which you take your salary if you are a salaried person. You have to upload the latest three-month bank statement.

EarlySalary review:

The EarlySalary instant loan app has over 5 million installs on Google Play Store, and it has a 4.4 rating as if we are writing this article. As the number shows, a massive number of people already are using this loan app. on Google App Store, this application is offered by Social Worth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Early salary customer care number is 020-67639797, which can be used for any assistance.


This app has over one million installs, and it disbursed a massive amount as loans. At first, you get offers of small amounts. As per the time, if you repay all the loan amounts timely, your limit will increase, and you will be able to borrow more amounts from EarlySalary.

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