You Will Be Amazed To Know The Salary Of A Ghostwriter

For an expert level content writer, who has some impressive writing skills, opportunities are massive. To earn high, they can choose ghostwriting jobs.

Ghostwriting jobs are one of the demanded jobs for online content writers. It has similar writing work as normal writers but they do not get the name for their job. Here we will be discussing more deeply. Content writing jobs have different categories. According to the category, you get paid. For instance, you will be paid higher for writing SEO friendly content than writing any blog. But, it also mostly depends on the writing quality. But if you ask which content writing job gives the highest earnings, then the answer will be ghostwriting jobs. Never heard before about it? Do not worry; below see a brief description of it. In this article, we will tell about how much ghostwriters earn from their job with a little overview of it.

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriters are simply writers like other writers, but like other writers, they do not get the credit for their job. In typical content writing jobs, the writer gets the full credit for their work. On different blogs, news you have seen that at the below of the writing or the beginning, you might be noticed, there is the author name mentioned. But, the ghostwriters stay behind the scene. They take payment, complete projects, and remain invisible. People hire ghostwriters to complete their work as same as other content writers. Ghostwriters also have lots of work, lots of earning opportunities. In fact, ghostwriters typically get paid much more than normal content writers.

Now the obvious question comes to mind why people need ghostwriters or why people hire a ghostwriter when they charge high. The answer is the purpose. Ghostwriters are used for some special purposes. People hire a ghostwriter for that type of works where they cannot disclose their names. There would be many reasons for that.

Primarily, people hire ghostwriters for lack of time. Lot’ people need to do confidential works that they cannot share publically. They might be successful in their work and want to share some thoughts through their writing, but they do not have time for that. So they hire ghostwriters. Besides that, lots of people have a talent for something they want to share with people, but they cannot simply because writing is an art. It is not that you shared your knowledge. People might not be interested in that due to quality and impressive writing skills. So, in that situation, people hire ghostwriters too.

There might be more several reasons why people hire ghostwriters, but let’s come back to an interesting topic.

How much ghostwriters earn with their ghostwriting job?

People hire ghostwriters for many reasons and as per the quality of their writing, expertise, and the quantity of the work they get paid. Below we will explain their earning by what type of ghostwriting work they do with the expected earnings. The earnings of a ghostwriter depend on the ghostwriting niches. every niche has separate earing opportunities and pricing. Besides the niches, ghostwriters charges as per their work procedure. Ghostwriters work typically by these categories.

  1. Ghostwriting per word.
  2. By the hour they spend on writing.
  3. project-wise charges.

Ghostwriting per word:

Ghostwriters who charge as per the words mostly who writes for the blogs, article platforms, news platforms. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for online content. If you search anything on Google most of the cases you will get relevant results. As the number of internet users is increasing day by day, the demand also rising in peak for contents. Ghostwriters who work as per the word contract get most of their job on blogging sites. There are any blogs running on the internet, gives an immense update.

When you go and search for content creators, there are very few. So, what they do is they hire writers who can do their job anonymously. People often follow the blogs they like and search for the newest updates. So, there is always pressure for the blog owners to maintain the workflow.

According to the blog, what type of niche you are writing about depends on the charges but typically if you are a good ghostwriter, have decent work experience, you can be offered from $3 to $5 per 100 words. Eventually, if you work for a new blog, which has fewer visitors on them will pay you less but blogs that drive thousands of daily traffic on them will pay you much. There are some blog niches that pay the most to ghostwriters.

1. Digital product-related blogs:

Digital products such as email marketing tools, social media marketing tools, domains, hosting services are very expensive products. As they are expensive, blogs also make high income from various methods from digital products. So the comparatively pays more to their ghostwriters.

2. Health-related blogs:

The health industry is also booming rapidly. People search for various health supplements, multivitamins, fat burners. Also, products such as fitness tools are also very demanded so, you can get excellent earning writing for them.

3. Tech gadget blogs:

Most of the people who are online have a  craze for the latest smartphones, newest gadgets. You may have noticed compared to the last decade, now lots of smartphone companies are on the market and continuously launching new phones. That is because of people’s interest.  So, you can try ghostwriting there too.

Also, if you are writing speeches for VIP personalities, celebrities, you can charge higher too. Ghostwriters may charge from $ 10 for 100 words. As per your capabilities, and the clients, you can get immensely high too.

Ghostwriter’s earning per project:

The highest amount they get paid in ghostwriting work is for writing novels, books, business books, and where huge amounts of work and time needed. These types of ghostwriters typically get paid $20,000 per project. The beginner ghostwriters who perform these types of jobs get paid around $6000 per project. As per the experience, the writing quality of the ghostwriter and the people whom they are attending the project, they might be paid up to $50,000 per project too.

If you are hired as a ghostwriter, and you are a newbie, you can easily get paid $10- $20 for writing articles, business-related writings, etc.

Ghostwriting earning per hour:

There are lots of professional ghostwriters who actually charge per hour. These are the highly experienced people who took less time to done a job. People often hire them for how many hours they would be able to work. Ghostwriters who earn per hour, done various types of jobs. Their charges typically start from $20 per hour and o rise up to $100-150 per hour. These depend on their expertise.

The ghostwriting job has huge possibilities for making money online. You can earn a huge amount if you are an experienced writer. You can check out similar earning related articles below.

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