Know About Amazon Affiliate Marketing To Earn Money Online

Do you have a review website or product-related blog? Then you have an excellent money-making opportunity from Amazon affiliate marketing.

In recent times, we cannot find a single person on the internet who has not heard about the e-commerce giant Amazon. It has a global business, and it is doing business in many countries. You can imagine how popular Amazon is by knowing that It drives more than 2.5 billion visitors per month on It is their global site. Maybe you have also done some shopping on Amazon last month. Now, the question is that is Amazon only for shopping ? or can people do something about it?
For an ordinary person, the answer is no. It is a platform they can find anything and buy anything, but if you are searching for money-making ways through the internet, then you can grab a huge opportunity from here.

Amazon is an excellent place to earn money. In fact, lots of people are making money from it. Some big players in this field are making six figures of income from here. Are you also looking for earning options? then check out,

How can you earn from Amazon affiliate marketing?

Most of you may think that Amazon is a shopping platform, how we can earn money from there. The answer is referral marketing. Like all other big companies on the internet has their affiliate programs. Amazon is a big company. They invest billions of dollars in advertising, but still, they have their affiliate. That is because, according to various studies, 30 percent of all conversions are covered by affiliates. As you can see, the figure is enormous.
Amazon’s affiliate program is known as Amazon Associates. In this article, we will be mentioning how you can get started with Amazon Associates. Once you have successfully created an account on Amazon Associates, you can earn money from it.
So Let’s see,

How to start Amazon affiliate marketing?

For making money from Amazon affiliates, the best thing you can do is making a website. For that purpose, review or blog type websites are best. There you write about products, give a review of them, and help people to get useful information.
Firstly you have to go the Amazon’s affiliate page. You can go there by clicking the below link.

Amazon Associates

  • After clicking there, you have to click on the “Join for free” button at the top right corner.
  • Then if you did not use the Amazon account, you have to click on “Create your Amazon account.
  • There you have to put your name, email address, password, again type your password, and then click on “Create your Amazon account.”
    Make sure you are to give an open email id because Amazon will send verification code through OTP, through that mail.
  • After submitting the OTP. You will be a move towards making your associate account.
  • There you have to add your payee name. Make sure you put the same payee name, which is on your bank account.
  • Then you have to enter your address, postal code, your phone number.
  • Then if you are a U.S person, select the Yes, and if you are not then going for No.
  • After Filling in all the required information, click on the next. Here you have to enter your website URL. If you have any mobile app and want to promote affiliate links through that, you can put a mobile app URL too.
  • After adding the domain name there, click on the Add button and then Next.
  • Then Amazon will ask you to give Your preferred associates ID.
  • Then in the below section, you have to give a brief description of what your website is about.
  • After that, select the primary and secondary topic of your website.
  • Then you have to select what type of topics best describe your website. That means what niche your site has. It is about gadgets, gardening products, home appliances, or anything else. There are lots of options given to choose from
  • After that, you have to select how you get traffic to your website. There are many options to pick up. Paid search, Social networks, SEO, Email, and many more. Choose the right one from there.
  • After that, You have to select how you make money from your website. There are two options. Firstly you may choose money from Amazon Associates, and the second one you can choose third party affiliate networks, or Subscription service, or Display advertising as per your website’s earning sources.
  • Then you have to select how many visitors then you have to choose why you get on your website per month. There are many options from 501 to 5000, or 5001 to 50,000. Select what the right one for you is.
  • After that, you have to select what is the primary reason for joining the Amazon Associates program. There you need to select “ To monetize my site.”
  • After submitting all the required information there, you need to enter the captcha code and select the terms and conditions — the tap finish.
  • That’s it. You are on with your Amazon Associate account.
    On the next page, you will see enter your Payment and Tax Information. You can do that at that time and later as well.
  • After submitting all your information, now it is upon to Amazon. They will verify your application and if they find everything is under their terms and conditions.

Benefits of using Amazon affiliate marketing:

The Amazon affiliate network is best in many aspects. below we are mentioning some of them.

Wide range of products:

Amazon is huge. You can find anything on Amazon under the Sun. That is a great thing. No matter what your niche is most probably, you can get any product related to your category. They have the highest number of sellers that makes it the number one online shopping portal. With Amazon affiliate marketing you get access to promote them all.

Trust with Amazon:

Amazon is an old company which was started before the internet boom. Till then, it grows itself in a significant way. It is a top-rated company so, there is no chance to get cheated on it. Now so Many affiliate networks on the internet there you work hard and put your effort but when the time payout time comes, you face lots of problems. Herewith Amazon, no such incidents happen. Already so many website owners making a huge amount of income with Amazon affiliate marketing.

Easy payment methods:

Amazon offers both wire transfers and cheque payments for their affiliates. For the NEFT, you must have to earn at least Rs. 1000 to cash out, and for cheques, the minimum amount is Rs. 2500.

The popularity of Amazon:

Amazon is a top-rated company, so when you refer someone to Amazon’s products and move them to the website, most people will buy products if they require it. Usually, with other, less popular affiliate networks, there is an issue that people do not know them. So, with Amazon, you do not need to gain the trust of people for that.

Once you have successfully joined Amazon affiliate marketing, you get your unique affiliate ID and unique Amazon affiliate link. You can promote not only on your website but also on various platforms. You can share it on Facebook, on your YouTube channel.

That’s very simple to get started. It is a genuine method lots of bloggers website owners, YouTube video creators are using. If you are searching some best ways to earn money from Amazon affiliate marketing you can read: Absolute Ways To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

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