Earn Money Online By Creating Videos

Do you know on the internet there are huge possibilities to earn money online by creating videos? You don’t have to take any course or have to buy eBooks.

We all have a passion for something. Some love to read books, someone loves to explore the world, someone is a tech geek, and someone loves to ride a bike. It varies from person to person. Most of us think how great it would be if we could solve one of the fundamental problems with our issue. We are talking about making money. For a living, we all need money. To fulfill that requirement we go for a job, do business. But if the job does not match our expectations, we get sad and think that if I could do something which I love to, I would definitely make more money. Even I would manage in less money if I could do whatever I like.

Well, thanks to the internet, it has given diverse earning opportunities to earn money online with people’s passion. Now, there are plenty of ways where you can turn your passion into a profession and the most satisfactory thing is your earnings would also high. In fact, you can beat your current salary with it.

In this article, we are going to talk about a passion which so many people have, lots of people are making tons of cash walking through on this and you have also great earning opportunities. We will be also discussing how you can make money online by creating videos.

The number one way is,

Create videos and upload it on YouTube:

There is no introduction needed for YouTube. Every day billions of people come on YouTube and watch billions of hours of videos. It is the biggest platform to watch videos and the second most used search engine just after Google. So, you can guess how popular it would be.  It is a free platform, where you can upload your videos. People who are on YouTube can watch your videos. This platform is the best platform for video creators who want to make a hand full of cash from their videos. It has numerous ways to earn from your videos by uploading them on YouTube. Below we are mentioning some ways by which you can earn money from your videos by uploading them on YouTube.

Monetize your YouTube videos:

Nearly every YouTube creator earn money online by monetizing their videos on YouTube with Google AdSense ads. For the lion’s share of video creators on YouTube, AdSense is the primary source of income from their videos.

YouTube is a product of Google, which also a product for the people who want to make money from their content, which is Google AdSense. The process is very simple. You have to monetize your videos with Google AdSense. It will show advertisements on your videos. For that, they will pay you. There are lots of ad positions and types, which you can choose from. The earnings depend on so many things, which type of ads it was, how many people showed ads on your videos, how many of them clicked and so many other things. It is the most popular way to earn money online with YouTube. The big names of YouTube are making thousands of dollars from this. The earning is mostly depends on how many views you get on your video and how many ads come on them. On YouTube, you can find so many types of videos, education-related, travel, entertaining, business, motivation, health, sports, comedy, and lots of others. So, if you have talent on any topic you can shot the video and upload it.

Promoting affiliate products:

Through your YouTube videos, you can do affiliate marketing. It is a very simple method you can follow. You just have to promote the product or services of companies to your audiences. Every time you get sales, you receive a commission for that. On your YouTube videos, you can promote affiliate products. As people are now way more engaging in videos, it is easier to grab the attention of people and introduce the affiliate product and services. You can read: Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business And Earn Money, to know in detail about this genuine way to earn money online.

Sponsored videos:

If you have a big number of audience on your YouTube channel, you have many ways to make money from there an excellent option is you can create sponsored videos exclusively for companies and brands. Most of the YouTube influencers make a handful of cash from there. When you have the ability to give a large number of views, you get opportunities from companies. For each video, you get an impressive payment. The payment depends on your reputation, how many views you provide, and many more.

Channel Memberships:

Another earning opportunity you can have from YouTube is the Channel Membership. Your subscriber can join your YouTube and can access exclusive content from you. You can set your Channel Membership amount. Each time someone pays for your channel membership, your receive 70 percent from it.

Super Chat and Super Stickers:

During your live streaming session, people can buy Super Stickers to highlight their content their message in front of you. This also comes under the YouTube partner program, and you need to pass the criteria for that. That could also be a good source of income from your YouTube videos.

YouTube Premium revenue:

YouTube has a premium version where people enjoy YouTube without bothered by annoying ads. If any premium viewer watches your videos, you get paid from YouTube for that.

Promote businesses through your videos:

YouTube has become a vast place to get potential customers, and companies and businesses know that. That’s why they spend a massive amount on advertising on YouTube. Besides their campaign, they always look for influencers who can promote their business in front of potential customers. If you get so much popularity by uploading videos on YouTube, Companies will call you to promote them. That is a great strategy by which you can make money on YouTube by creating videos. That’s how your earnings are not limited to only monetizing through AdSense.

Upload your videos on Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is a similar platform for YouTube. You can earn money from Dailymotion, too, by uploading your videos there. After uploading your videos there, you need to enable monetization there. Dailymotion shares 70 percent revenue with the video creator. They show in-stream video advertisements to your videos like YouTube ads. Here you can withdraw your earnings when you reach a minimum threshold of $100.

Sell your videos into premium video sites:

Nowadays the demand for video content is rising high. If you see it on YouTube it is mainly for entertainment purposes. It does not mean that there is nothing to learn or something like this. But all the videos there are for viewing and getting entertained. But, there are lots of fields where people look for videos for commercial or other purposes. For many reasons like making an excellent presentation, to look a website superb, video campaign, for projects, you need videos. But, you cannot use them for your personal and commercial usage. For using them you need a license. Without the license, you will get copyright claims and to get the license you have to buy the video. Here is the earning source for you.

If you can create excellent videos in high quality, you can make a handful of cash from it. On the internet, there are lots of websites and platforms where you can sell your videos. These websites promote your videos to the customers. You don’t need to spend anything on that. Whenever someone buys any video, the website takes a percentage from that purchase. Below we are mentioning some top video sharing websites to earn money online.

All you need to do is create awesome videos in high quality.

Upload your videos on Facebook:

Facebook recently launched its video monetization option by which video creators can make money on Facebook. Probably you would not know that Facebook not only the platform to like comment and share and photos. You can also upload videos there and earn money from it. The mechanism is pretty similar to Google AdSense. Here Facebook will show the advertisement on your videos. It is also a good option to make money from your videos. Facebook is the most popular social media platform and that’s why the earning opportunity is huge.

Humans are more interactive with visual things. When you are scrolling down to your Facebook news feed suddenly an interesting video makes you stop and you click on the video.

Since smartphones came to our hands with a high-quality camera, our interactions with videos and passion for videos increased. Now, high-quality DSLR  and cameras become easily accessible to us which also leads to an increase in the passion for shooting videos. We have so many ways by which we can create videos and earn money online from them.

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