Absolute Ways To Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

On our online money making method searching, we often hear about Amazon affiliate marketing. That is one of the best money making ways available online.

In fact, most of the online learners, mostly content creators like bloggers, video content creators, use Amazon affiliate marketing to earn money online. Maybe you have heard about Amazon affiliate marketing and interested in making money with it but do not have sufficient knowledge on that topic. In this topic article, we will discuss in detail Amazon affiliate marketing. From its introduction to how you can earn money from it.

So, let’s get started with,

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Affiliate marketing is known as Amazon Associates, which is the referral program like other product or service related companies. As you know, Amazon is the biggest platform for selling products. It is said that you can find anything under the sun being sold on Amazon. It has the most extensive collection of products and a massive number of sellers.

Join Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon runs an affiliate program to sell their programs. Each product or product category has a specific amount of commission. It is similar to the other affiliate programs of other companies. You make the sale for them, and you receive a commission for that.

For example, one mobile phone on Amazon is being sold at 100 $, and it has an affiliate commission of $5, so you will get $5 for each sale.

How does Amazon Affiliate Marketing work?

To start making money from Amazon affiliate marketing, firstly, you have to sign up on Amazon Associates. If your application gets approved and fulfills all the criteria of being an Amazon affiliate, you will be provided a unique affiliate link. The next thing works as follows.

  1. Got your unique affiliate link.
  2. Choose a product from Amazon.
  3. Promote products in various ways.
  4. Earn money.

Now let’s see how you can earn money from the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Create your own blog to promote affiliate products:

That is the most used method to earn from the Amazon referral program. Blog or article websites provide the most information on any topic. These are websites that contain articles and blogs often run by individual people or a group of bloggers. There they share their experience, knowledge in a useful manner. There would be millions of blogs online, and so are being created each day. Here you can make an excellent income from your blog by promoting affiliate related products.

Previously saying Amazon has nearly a product. Whatever topic you cover on your blog or website, you will find the exact or the near product to promote your blog.

For example, you have a blog related to cooking. Here you write blogs on various recipes, cooking tips, kitchen tips. So, on these types of blogs, you can promote kitchen appliances from Amazon. Now, your readers are reading with interest, and they are more likely to take action if you place some affiliate attractive affiliate banners. You can mention the hyperlinks in several places in the body of the article. Besides, at the end of the article, you can recommend people to the products. The recommendation should be in a standard manner. At the end of your article, you can talk about a juicer or a grinder used to prepare a dish. People who are really impressed by your dish and need that product most probably will click on your link and redirect to Amazon’s website, and if they find everything is perfect, they will purchase that product.

Start your review website or blog:

For most people checking reviews or getting additional information about a product is a common thing. Many people actually try to know the key features and the benefits of the product they are about to buy. That’s why you will find lots of review related websites on the internet. Some big news platforms are, too, in the same way following the same concept.

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First, to start a review website, have to choose the topic or the category for your review platform. Then you have to pick products for review. After buying the product you are going to review, you have to use it on your own thoroughly. After using it for a standard time, you need to write an informative, useful, and unbiased review article. You will highlight the performance of the product, its build quality, and other properties of it. On that review article, you can put the Amazon affiliate link of that product.

So, when people will come and read the review, if they like the product and meets their expectations, there is a big chance that people will click on your affiliate link and purchase the product. You can choose any of the products of Amazon. Still, if you focus on the demand and the commission percentage of the product, you can earn more revenue from Amazon referral marketing.

Affiliate marketing through YouTube:

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform around the world. Every day billions of hours of videos are being watched by people. Besides being the biggest video sharing platform, it is the second most used searched engine. That makes it alluring for the people who are looking to promote affiliate products. Even though, You can monetize your YouTube videos through Google AdSense, which shows relevant advertisements to your viewers and shares revenue with you, who would mind earning some extra income from Amazon affiliate marketing.

Now, the era is of video content; people are very engaging with the videos. That’s why so many people something on YouTube; they like to watch videos of any product or service. Here you have an excellent opportunity you can take. You can create a dedicated product review based YouTube channel. On a review website, you would need to write review blogs. The same thing you need to show people on your video content. On the blogs, you place hyperlinks of Amazon affiliate links, attractive banners because you own the blog. But YouTube is a third party platform. Here you can only promote affiliate products through your video content. The only place you get to place your affiliate product link is your YouTube videos’ description section. On videos, it is hard to make people click on the links. That’s why you need to encourage people to go through those links.

To generate a considerable number of affiliate earnings, a vast number of subscribers are needed. The more you gain viewers, the more you have chances to generate higher revenue.

Earning from Amazon affiliate with Social media:

In order to make money from the internet, the number of the audience plays a significant role in any right place where lots of traffic available can lead to huge Amazon affiliate sales. Apart from search engines, social media is a platform that has enormous traffic. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have billions of monthly active users. Every day a massive number of people spend hours on these social platforms. So, you have an excellent opportunity to earn money by promoting affiliate products on these social platforms.

Promoting affiliate products on Facebook:

Facebook is the top social platform globally, so it would be the best option to promote your Amazon affiliate products. Here are many places and opportunities by which you can encourage them.

Through your Facebook Page:

The most useful practice you can do is creating a Facebook page. If you are doing Amazon affiliate marketing, you cannot skip Facebook. By creating a Facebook page, you can add as much audience as you want to. People like the pages where they are interested and want to receive future updates. What you can do is create a page for your affiliate business niche. There you can upload the riveting content of your affiliate product along with some eye-catching pictures. As interested people have become a fan, you will see excellent engagement with your affiliate posts. So, there is a big chance you can see the affiliate sales from there.

Sales through Facebook groups:

You can create Facebook groups as per your niche where you can add the most interested people. There you can share some excellent discounts and offers from Amazon. Compared to the pages, group members are more engaged as they in private touch with you.

Promoting through Facebook ads:

Facebook is a comparatively cheap and easy way to drive relevant traffic to your website or blog than any other marketing channel. Even though Facebook does not allow you to promote your Amazon affiliate links directly, you can partially do it. Firstly you need to write a blog article on your site; then, you can promote that article through Facebook ads. Amazon has nothing to do with Facebook traffic as they only pay you only for the qualified sales. With a new Facebook, it is tough to get a massive amount of traffic and converts it to sales, but with the paid advertising on Facebook, you can achieve this far quickly. But make sure you do not violate any rules of Facebook as well as Amazon associates. Many Amazon affiliate marketing players run advertisements on Facebook but with some fake images and claims. When people click on them and find it’s irrelevant, they bounce back and sometimes report about the ad. It’s a spam practice and should not be performed.

Amazon affiliate marketing through Instagram:

There are lots of Instagram Influencers available who are making massive income through the Amazon affiliate marketing program on Instagram as it has billions of active monthly users. It is a photo-oriented platform where you get so many options to edit your photos add various effects. That’s the reason so many people use it, and marketers businesses are attracted by it.

As an Amazon affiliate marketer, you also have an excellent opportunity to promote your products on Instagram. There are three types of accounts, Personal, Creator, and business. For the referral marketing business, a personal account won’t help you anyway. Creators and business accounts are the best fit for this reason. Creator accounts are for the influencers and creators who have talent. The business account also could be useful if your intention is to opt-in multiple platforms to promote Amazon’s affiliate products.  You have numerous places where you can share your Amazon affiliate links. It can be shared on your Instagram post description, on your Instagram feed, IGTV description. You can drive traffic to your affiliate website; you can drive that traffic to the Amazon site.

Here you can post eye-catching affiliate products that may grab the attention of people. Similar to the Facebook ads, you can run advertisements on Instagram too. The core concept is quite similar to Facebook; you need to gain as many relevant followers as possible.

Promoting through mobile applications:

Mobile applications are also an excellent way by which you can promote your Amazon affiliate products. For that, you need a mobile application, whether it is Android or iOS, and a considerable amount of traffic. It does not mean that you have to create a product based app where you will list products like eCommerce. For mobile apps, Amazon Associate has a separate approving process and criteria. After the approval, you can integrate the Amazon affiliate link to your app.

You can hire developers to develop a mobile app for you. After developing the app, you need to list it on Google Play Store if it’s Android. If you develop iOS, the app then you need to list it on Apple App Store. The next thing is you have to make people install it on their mobile devices. Mobile applications are now in very demand, and for almost every purpose, there are apps available. Google Play store has way more applications compared to the Apple App devices as it has a less tough process. You may notice many apps available for doing small things or simple gaming apps but has massive installs. So, you can also create an application and sell Amazon affiliate products from there.

These are some genuine ways by which you can earn money from Amazon affiliate marketing. But we would recommend you to read Amazon Associate’s terms and conditions before you start promoting Amazon affiliate products. That will give you a more precise idea. You can get a better analysis if you want to try different methods because your affiliate account might get a ban if you violate their terms and conditions.

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