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Acceptance of our terms and conditions:

Once you visit our site, you must have to agree with our terms and conditions. If you visit our website that means you agree with our terms and conditions. You’re certain to the terms of services mentioned in those terms of services of use settlement (agreement) with admire to our website online (the net web page). This settlement constitutes the whole and great agreement among us and also you, and supersedes all previous or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties and understandings with respect to the website, the content material cloth, loose product samples or freebie offers or services furnished by way of or indexed at the site online, and the hassle relies upon on this agreement. If you don’t agree to our terms and conditions, then you will not be able to use our website. This agreement can be amended via us at any time, and any frequency without the unique observe to you. The present-day association may be posted on the web page, and also you have to evaluate this settlement previous to the usage of the web page.


In this website Rupeeya.com, all the article(S), picture(S) and other things are 100 % copyrighted. All our website contents are protected by the internet copyright laws. If someone use or piracy of our any article or picture or any other material and any part of an article, any part of our image, or any other part of any content for any purpose(s) is strictly prohibited. If someone does so, then he/she will be completely responsible if we take any step on that.


Deleting- modification or changing-removing:

We hold the authority to delete, modify or remove any article, any picture, or any other material. After editing any article or material if any visitor still keeps visiting then he/she agrees with the modified or new details.


In Rupeeya.com we share various kind of information related to online earnings. All the information we share here with complete transparency.

Earning from various websites:

In this section, we bring different earning website like PTC sites, survey sites, reward sites, gaming sites and lots of other with pays you as per their program. We neither have any tie-up nor has any intention to manipulate people by providing fake or fraud information relate online earning. But note these things while you are reading our terms and conditions.

  • Though we share information on websites, to take a step by reading our article or any such material is entirely on their own risk.
  • If any damage financially or privacy-related or any other way occur by such kind of website, we are not responsible for the loss it anyway.
  • Here we share about the earning of a site. So sometimes if you don’t receive the money or receive less than we say for your action, then we are not responsible for that on any condition.
  • We don’t promise or guarantee of earnings with these websites. The earning also may vary to the person. We give you the information. The rest is on your hand.
  • If any website demand for money or privacy-related information then that is upon to you.

Earning from Apps:

Here we bring various kinds of app by which people make money. We bring some favorite and authentic money-earning apps. Please note these things-

  • The apps we mention here might not be genuine all the time. If they promise to pay you but don’t then they are responsible for that.
  • The earnings by apps may vary to person to person. We don’t promise or guarantee for the earning from those apps.
  • If the apps demand money or any privacy-related thing, then the decision is on you. We are not responsible for that.
  • If you face any damage financially or mentally, you have contact with the app owner, and we will not take any responsibility for that.

Liability of our Terms and conditions:

Our terms and condition are strictly applied to all our users and us. We obey our terms responsibly. But when you visit a third party website mentioned in the Rupeeya.com, they have their terms and Conditions. So you need to read the third party website terms and condition carefully too. We will not take the obligation for their terms and conditions.

Changes in terms and conditions:

We have the right to change or modify our Terms and condition at any time without any early notification. If you still visit our website that means you agree with our new terms and conditions. We will recommend you to read our terms and conditions frequently to stay up to date with our terms and conditions.