Take The Amazing Opportunity To Make Money By Playing Games

by Amit June 09, 2020

You might be getting surprised to hear it; now you can make money by playing games. Let’s choose your preferred gaming apps and spend your time with fun.

In the world of the internet here lots of gaming apps are available. Some of them give you lots of opportunities to earn extra money. Here we mentioned some legitimate online apps where you can make money by playing games.

1. Long Game:

Long Game is the best online app where you can increase your savings account balance. Whenever you are playing the game, you will get rewards points. You can use these rewards points to play fun games and have the chance to win real money, up to $1,000,000 cash. You also get bonus coins for signing up and link up with your bank. The bonus coins will be automatically moving into money in your savings account. This gaming app is entirely free anytime you can sign up. So, let’s play games and win money.

2. Lucky Day:

Lucky Day is a casino type fun online game app. Play your free daily lotto and scratch cards and a chance to win up to $10,000 instantly. You can also earn gift cards to places like Amazon and Walmart. Don’t worry if you did not win real cash; still, you can make points, and you can use this in sweepstakes, raffles, and daily lottery pulls. It is a 100% free and simple app. You can win lots of money or prizes overnight.

3. Big Time Cash:

Do you love playing games on your phone? Big Time Cash is the best place where you can make money by playing games. The games are entirely free to play. When you are playing any four games, you will get at least one ticket. This ticket applies to enter daily cash prize draws. The cash prize paid out through PayPal account. There are lots of games that are included in this app. So, choose games and play for your money.


4. Bananatic:

Bananatic is a fantastic gaming application where you can make lots of fun making extra money. Here you not only win cash or prizes by the games, but you can also earn some money from your reviews about the games. After completing your games, you can redeem your points into cash or gift cards. So, download the games now and enter into fun communities and meet with the new gaming players.

5. Penalty Hero:

Penalty hero is a fantastic app for football lovers. You can earn money quickly with this app through your mobile phone. Much more goal you will get rewards or Bitcoins. Anytime you can redeem your rewards into your wallet. It is suited for all android users. So let’s go and download this app and make your money online.

6. LaLaLoot:

It is free of a site; you can download and join this app anytime. If you are a beginner with this app, you have to need to wait for five days for collecting your gaming tokens. Apply this token into for play games and win cash prizes. When you reach $ 20, you will be able to clear your money through a Visa Gift Card or check. You can also be taking the survey from different sponsors and advertisers and make your extra money from it.

7. Pogo:

Pogo is an excellent platform to play games and win money. If you love poker or arcade games, you can find these here. You have a chance to win daily $50 by playing games. You also earn tokens by playing some free games. The earned tokens can then be applied to participate in the different drawings that will help you win up to $1,000. The apps offer you a paid and free version. This gaming app has lots of fun and excitement.

8. CashDazzle:

CashDazzle is big money earning app. You will get rewarded whenever you are playing games. You can also collect tokens and spin from playing free games. Get real cash by adopting your token and taking part in another game. Overall, every day the winner takes home with some serious money.

9. Second Life:

Second Life is the biggest gaming website in the internet world right at the moment. The site encourages you to join a virtual business like selling clothing, gadgets, performing a rock concert, real estate, and events. You will get virtual Linden Dollars from this app when you successfully run your online business and your game. You can exchange this dollar into real cash.

10. PCH Game:

PCH Game is one of the best gaming sites where you can earn money from playing games. After successfully signing up you will get an instant token. The token allows you to win up to $1000. The token also exchanged for gifts cards or real cash.


Al these gaming apps are genuine. You can make money by playing games above this formula. You don’t need to purchase any expensive games online. Only you need a computer, laptop or even smartphone. Last, of all, we want to say; before you go to download these apps to verify all the legitimacy. Thanks for reading this article. If you want to know more about earning from gaming apps, please connect with us for the next article.

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