mPokket Instant Loan App Features And Overview

by Amit June 12, 2020

mPokket is one of the best loan apps for college students. You can take a personal loan very easily on this platform without any hassle.

There are so many reasons people required loans. Whether you want to buy a flat or car or want to start a business and need funding, or for education, you need credits. These are loans in massive amounts, and you must have to go a bank for these types of loans where documentation is strictly required, and if you failed to comply with any of the policies or documentation, you would straightly be rejected. Also, to get a loan, you just have to show the bank that you have an income source from where you are going to repay the loan amount. But if you are a student, then there are almost possibilities to have an income source because you are studying.

But it does not mean that college students do not require money. For many purposes, like a party at the end of the month, or need urgent cash to pay bills. As college students do not have a sustainable income source, most of the bank and financial platforms will deny giving you a loan amount. But there is a platform, an online mobile application available which provides college students loans of short amount without going through the lengthy documentation process. The app we are talking about is mPokket. It is an excellent platform for borrowing amount. Not only college students but also the employees also borrow money for a short period.

About mPokket

mPokket is an online mobile application based lending platform that offers loans to college students and salaried individuals. Maybright Ventures Private Limited operates the platform. It is a Calcutta based company.

Features of mPokket mobile application:

Paperless system:

With the mPokket mobile application, you can do all the process to borrow the money is digital. To fulfill the whole process, you do not need a single piece of paper. All the procedures, documentation, applying for the loan, giving your KYC data, your information can be done with a Smartphone and an internet connection.


Flexible repayment option:

mPokket offers flexible repayments of loans. The loans are for
the short term, but with your good behavior and using for a long time timely repayment of the loan, you can give the payment between 61 to 90 days.

Get cash instantly:

Disbursal of your amount is very fast in mPokket. After sanctioning the loan amount, it disbursed to your bank account or Paytm wallet.

Get Reward:

mPokket offers a referral program to its users. If you share this app with your friends or family, you will be rewarded with mCoins and cashback. The mCoins will help you build better rankings on mPokket. That will lead to getting an extended loan amount and more offers.

How to get started with the mPokket instant loan app?

Firstly you have to install the app from Google Playstore. You can install the app from below given link.

Download the mPokket instant loan app.

After installing the app when you will open the app, you have to tap on “GET STARTED.”

  • After that, you have to enter the mobile number, which you are going to use during login. When you are giving the number, make sure it is the same number, which is associated with your bank account or the Paytm wallet.
  • After giving he number, click on the proceed. Then an OTP will come to that number. Enter the number manually if the number is not on your phone on which you are installing the app. If the number is on your same mobile, the OTP will be automatically added. Then you have to sign up the app with your Facebook account. You must have to sign with Facebook because there is no other option has given.
  • After login with Facebook, you have to enter your name, your email id password, and again the password. Finally, click on SIGN UP. There is Facebook linking has given, but it is optional. You can leave it too. While providing the passwords, make sure it comes under their password setting criteria.
  • After that, you can give a referral code of someone if someone has referred you. That is how you can get cashback. If you haven’t, you can skip that.
  • Then you have to choose your current status, that means what you are right now. There are three options has given to choose; Student, Employed full-time, and self-employed. Afterward selecting the right one click on Finish.
  • After finishing the process, you will see a dashboard. There you will see “Available borrowing limit is Rs. O. As you are a new user, you have to click on Apply for Limit increase.
  • After that, you have to click on Get started. Then you will be notified that you can borrow the amount within 15-20 minutes just after completing the registration process. Now tap on the Start.
  • Then enter your date of birth. After that, you have to verify your AADHAR CARD. When you tap the ACCEPT button, you need to place your AADHARD CARD QR code in front of the camera scanner. You can also skip this process and manually enter your AADHAR CARD number and photo of your AADHARD CARD.
  • After the AADHAR CARD verification, you have to upload your selfie, personal information, selfie video, and then click “NEXT.”
  • Then, you have to enter your student information. As it is for the college students, you have to enter the area PIN code of your college, and the name of the colleges will come there, and you have to choose your college. Here are couples of college verification options you have to fill.

Eligibility for getting a loan in mPokket

This app is mainly for the college students so if you are a college student and wants to take a loan,

  • You must have to be 18 years or above.
  • You must have to be a college student at a recognized university where you are attending any full-time course.


The mPokket app is an excellent app for a college student who wants to get an instant loan. You can take Rs. 500 to Rs. 20,000 loan with easy EMIS and interest. You can expense your loan amount for paying college expenses, tuition fees, exam fees, hostel fee mobile recharge, and many more. The platform also has a good rating and an effective support system. To know more about mPokket that you can also click on that.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Please stay with us and keep watching our latest articles.

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