How To Earn Money Online From The Google Opinion Rewards App?

by Amit June 06, 2020

Maybe you need to purchase a game, an ebook, or anything else on the Google play store. With Google opinion rewards, you can earn money for play store.

To earn money online, there are lots of ways now available. One of them is earning from online surveys. Lots of websites, apps offer various surveys to the people. People participate in those surveys, and they earn rewards from there. We all know about Google, the internet giant of today. They also have a survey program by which you can make money online. Google is a reputed platform, so there is no chance of missing your rewards. The survey platform is named Google Opinion Rewards. Before we go for how to earn from that, a brief description is needed.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google opinion Reward is an app which is developed by Google to take feedback on some product or service. Though the app is available on Google Play Store, iOS users also can download. On the play store, this app is installed over 10 million people.

How to start with Opinion Rewards?

  • It is effortless to get started with it. Just install the app as per your device.
  • After installing it, you have to log in there with your Gmail account.
  • Once you login to the app now, you have to take part in the surveys.
  • In the survey, you have to answer some basic questions.
  • After completing the surveys, you will receive up to $1 for competing on a survey.
  • Most of the time, a survey gets available once a week.
  • To complete a survey on Google Opinion rewards, it will take 10 sec to 1 min.

How to get more surveys on Google Opinion Rewards and earn more money?

Keep the app up-to-date:

You need to look always for the newer version so that you can easily access the new features. That will help you to get more surveys because sometimes you may miss surveys for older versions.


Open the app once every day:

Though the app usually sends one survey per week sometimes, you can get more surveys. By opening the app regularly, you will never miss the surveys.

Share your location history:

Suppose you moved to a place for travel or for something else you need to keep on your location. So that Google can find your area and particularly for that location you may receive a survey.

Genuinely answer the questions:

Answer all the questions asked on the survey sincerely. For performing well if you give some fake answer then rather than the benefit you will miss the chance to get surveys next time on Google opinion rewards. They have high tech systems by which they can trace that you are lying or giving wrong information.

Stay attentive during the surveys:

You need to pay full attention while you are on a survey. If you do not pay attention, they might trace you, and you will not get the surveys in the future.

Where can you spend the earnings from Google Rewards?

On the play store, there are lots of apps, games, books which are payable. You can purchase those with your Google opinion rewards earnings.

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