Earn Money Online From These Genuine Websites Without Investments

by Amit June 09, 2020

Do you want to earn money online? Searched for a long time but did not find the right way to make money? Know something more about earning websites.

The internet has lots of opportunities to earn money online. Now lots of types of websites are present online — websites like E-commerce websites, Social sites, news sites, article websites, blog sites, and lots of others. Sometimes when we search on the internet to make money online, we get stuck in fraud places. We lose money, or our data get data breach. Now in this article, we are going to share information about some websites by which you can earn money online. To start your site, you have to spend money on it, and you have to focus on so many other things. Here you don’t have to own a website. We are telling you about some sites to earn actual cash. You can make some money from some legitimate third-party websites. Let’s get a start;

Earn Money online from E-Commerce websites

When we talk about shopping sites, most people only thing that it is a place where we go and buy our products online. But it is a place from lots of people making money online. According to reports of Statista, globally, 2.14 billion people are expected to by-products or services online. As you can see, lots of people are coming online, and the number is already very high. Here we are going to tell how you can earn money online from shopping sites.

Affiliate program

Globally, Amazon is the biggest name in e-commerce, but in India, we have more popular shopping sites like Flipkart, Paytm mall, eBay, and many more. These are the shopping sites that have billions of dollars of revenue. They run an ad campaign on various platforms to sell their products. They try to do the best things to sell their products. That’s why most of them have their affiliate marketing program.


The simple concept of affiliate marketing is someone promotes their products. People participate in the shopping site’s affiliate program and referrer products to their audiences. If someone buys products from their referrals, shopping sites pay a reasonable commission to the affiliate participator. That is the concept. If you have a fan base on any social page or anywhere else, you can earn money online from their affiliate program too.

Sell your product

If you have your product, but you don’t have your site, then you can open the seller’s account to the shopping sites. There you don’t have to promote your brand or products. The E-Commerce sites spent tons of money on their advertising. In that way, you can also earn lots of cash.

Earn money online from paid writing sites

In our previous article, we have told that article posting sites are also an excellent way to earn money online. On the internet, writing is very important, and the job is highly demanded. On one side you can submit your written articles to such kinds of paid article websites, and on the other hand, you can write for shopping sites or any different types of sites. It is one of the best freelancing jobs where you can work from home and earn money online.

Paid article websites:-


If you know Photoshop, then you can write articles or tutorials on Photoshop on Photoshoptutorials, and they will give you 25$ to 300 $ as per your article quality.

Viator Travel Blog:

Here you can submit your travel related writings or articles. For writing, you will get 40$ to 150 $ as the type of article.


The niche of this site is general. You can choose a niche, and you have to write 10 things about the niche. If your 10 items are accepted, you will get 100 $ for that.

There are lots of more this kind of website we will discuss in our next articles.

Earn money from photography websites

There are lots of sites that are on the internet today who pay for pictures. On these photography websites, you go and submit your photos. When someone visits those websites and buys any of your photos, you earn money online via their payout methods and process. If you love to click pictures, have an excellent talent in photography then you can submit your photos to these below-mentioned websites;


This website is quite popular. They have over 200 million pictures in stock. Whenever your photo gets downloaded, you get 20%-30% of the selling.


It is also great to earn money online platform for photographers. Here you can submit your photos too, and they will pay you 50 % for sale.

Earn money online from freelance websites

If you have any talent, any knowledge on any work, then you can join these websites. Especially for free workers, they get more opportunity to share their expertise with the people who need their talent or services. Making your website, which is especially offering your services, is always a good thing, but you can provide your services through these websites too. To build a reputed and famous website is a tough job. These websites are already on the market, and they reputed. Like e-commerce, they spent so much money on their advertising. So you don’t need to invest so much money on that or promoting your services. Here we are sharing some websites freelance websites by which you can make money online.


With the freelancer.com, people can easily find you and the service you offer. According to them, they have 30 million+ freelancers and workers over 274 countries.


This is also a reputed freelance website. They offer over 5,000 skills across and more than 70 categories of the job. Here you will get mobile app development, Content writing, graphic design, and lots more.


This website was found in 2007 and paid 100 million euros to freelancers. 1.2 million Clients are connected with this website. This website is also the right choice for you if you have skilled talent in something.


This website is also a top-rated freelancing website. It is a leading marketplace where services start at just $5. They offered services on Fiverr are called gigs. People from all over the world visit here, and you get lots of opportunities to make money online from here.

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