Earn Money Online From Cashngifts App And Cash Out On Your Paytm

by Amit June 06, 2020

Earn money online from various type of apps are entirely on trending. Among money-earning apps, Cashngifts pay you cash.

Cashngifts is very popular and one of the fast-growing reward platforms in India. It is an effortless way to make money online from apps in India because of the Paytm. You know how Paytm is popular in India. With the Paytm, you can easily cash out your earnings. It is a genuine money making app. Here we are going to tell in detail how you can earn money online from Cashngifts app.

How to start earning with the app?

This money-making app is available on Google Play. Before start, you have to download the app. You can download the app from here-


  • After downloading the app, you will see there are two buttons below; REGISTER and log in. If you are trying this money earning app for the first time, then you have to REGISTER first.
  • After clicking the RESTER button, you have to fill out a form by entering your username, e-MAIL, Mobile number. Then you have to choose your password, select your country, and then register.
  • After registering there, you will receive a code on your mail ID which you entered there while registering.
  • Then you can log in with your username and password. After login, you will get 50 coins as a login bonus.
  • After login, you have to verify your account by the code you received on your mail ID.
  • That’s it. Your account has been created. Now you are ready to start your online earning with Cashngifts.

Cashngifts overview:

When you open the app you will see at the top left your total earned points and the right the wallet balance. At the bottom you will see the home, earn, refer, gift card, account button. By clicking on the account button, you will look at your Points history, Redeem History, Change password option.
On the earn button, you get various types of options by which you can earn from this money-making app. There you will see options like-

  • Offer wall.
  • Rewards videos.
  • Play & earn.
  • Spin & earn.
  • Coupons & Deals.
  • Activities.
  • Lottery.
  • Refer & earn.
  • Solve & earn.
  • Lucky Box.

How to earn money online from Cashngifts?

Offer wall:

On the offer wall, you will see the offer wall which is mixed offers for you by which you can earn. On the Best offer, you can get the best make money option from this money earning app. There you will get a daily Survey button where you can participate in surveys and can earn money online

Reward videos:

Here you can make money online by watching videos. Here you need to watch full videos to earn points. On the video 1 video point is equals to 0.1 Cashngifts points. You can check daily for video availability to win more.

Play & earn:

Here you can play games and earn money. More than 100 games are present on this money earning app. By playing those games, you can earn unlimited points.

Spin & earn:

Here you can make money as the shape of points by spinning the dice. One you spin you receive 7 points that.

Coupons & deals:

In this section, you will get different types of coupons. When you are purchasing somewhere on a digital platform, you will get offers for that.


On the activities, you get options to share this app to Facebook and can earn 2 points with your referral link. You can like Cashngifts Facebook page and earn 2 points. By following their Instagram account, subscribing to their YouTube channel, by following their Twitter account you can win many points.


In the Lottery section, you can earn money online from this money earning app. But, like offline you don’t invest your money here. You can bet your earned coins and win more coins as a lottery prize.

Solve & Earn:

Here you need to solve different types of mathematical problems. From there you can earn lots of cash as points.

Lucky box:

It is quite similar to the spinning type. Here you need to put your points and hit the free spin button. As a result when the spinning will stop you will get that much point to your wallet.

Refer & earn:

By this section, you can earn by referring this app to your friends, family members, colleges. When someone creates an account from your referral link, you will get 70 points, and when he will do redeem for the first time, you will receive 60 points.

Earnings from Cashngifts:

That was all about how you can earn money online from this money-making app. Now let’s see how you can cash out your earned points. You can cash out by:-

  • Gift cards.
  • Paypal.
  • Bank transfer.

On the Cashngifts, 10 points are equal to 1 Rs. That means if you earn 1000 points you have made Rs. 100. On the Gift section, you can redeem your cash into Amazon gift cards, Flipkart, Paytm, Mobikwik, and others. There are lots of options to redeem your money in the shape of 100 Rs, 150 Rs, 1000 Rs, 200 Rs, etc.

As you can see this app is genuine money earning cash app. There are lots of options are given to earn money online. As per their website they have served over Rs 6 lakh as rewards to their users. As we told before you cannot make millions of rupees from here but surely you can pay your bills, can purchase gifts from here.

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