Are Data Entry Jobs Are Fake? Or We Can Earn Money Online From It?

by Amit June 09, 2020

Now various types of websites are scamming in the name of providing data entry jobs. Know the full details to earn money online from data entry genuinely.

A large number of people are still jobless in India. Every year new freshers are passing out from the colleges, Universities, but did not get the job. Not only has the pass out students, now everyone wanted to do something for their earnings. A housewife wishes to earn some cash during her free time, running students try for part-time jobs to cover up their pocket money. Even people who have their jobs they also look for part-time jobs while they are not working. So most of the people do they go online and search for part-time jobs, work from home jobs, earn money online, and something like these. Currently, data entry is a type of work that you can do from home.

Data Entry jobs

When you go on the internet, do a search for work from home, data entry jobs, or these kinds of stuff, we see lots of alluring and eye-catching job offers. Someone claims to pay you Rs.1000 per hour, 2000 per hour, or even more. All you need to do is stay at home and earn tons of cash.

Most of us get fascinated by those exciting offers. But sometimes the story behind those offers might be like;

  • When you get interested in their offered job, most of the time, they charge an amount as registration fees. After making the payment, they give tasks to perform. They will provide you with such kind of jobs that you cannot complete with their ordered accuracy. They will provide you with the minimum time, and within that timing, you have to fill up the details on Notepad, WordPad, or somewhere else. The main thing is they will show up that the work is genuine, but most of the time, this is not.
  • Some data entry scammers don’t sit back when you fail to complete their tasks as per their guidance. When you get, fail sometimes they give threats that you have done the job incorrectly, and they faced losses for that; you have to pay as compensation.
  • On some data entry job portal platforms, they don’t have any works to do. They ask you as you have entered their organization by paying the registration charge; you have to insert more people into the organization.
  • Some platforms have a so-called data entry job, but they are not trustworthy. After completing their task as per their guidance when you ask for your payment, they don’t pay you.

These are the most techniques most fraud data entry job providers use.


All the scammers mainly target the students, housewives who don’t have the proper knowledge of that. People get fooled by these fake people. So now the question is, are all the data entry jobs are fake? Are they just stealing your money or time with these hypnotic data entry job proposals?

The answer is not at all. There are such places by which you can earn real cash through data entry jobs. Now we are going to introduce to some trusted platforms where you can make real money by doing online data entry jobs.

Have you ever hear about freelance websites? If not, then you can read this article to know about freelance sites; Freelancer Jobs Website Is The Best Way To Earn Money From Online.

Freelance sites are a legitimate source to get data entry jobs. There are lots of popular freelancing websites, like-

These are the most popular platforms for freelancing. These websites work as a medium to transfer projects between the people who seek the job and who want to hire people for their work. You will receive projects from people from the websites. There if you perform well and your clients get satisfied with your job, then you will face no problem to get your payment. Now you can think then what the profit of the website owner to providing you the job leads is? Well, when you receive your amount, one percentage of your earnings cut by them. There are no hidden charges or no worries of not getting the payment. So, if you want to do genuine data entry jobs and want to earn money from home, you can join freelance websites instead of those fake data entry sites.

What precautions do you need to check when you are looking for data entry jobs?

  • The first thing you should keep in mind you don’t have to pay any amount, whether it is the registration fees or anything else. You are looking to earn money, so instead of receiving the payment, why will you give cash to someone.
  • You have to make sure the platform you are looking to make sure it is reputed. Unreputed firms or organizations do most of these types of fraud activity.
  • You need to check out the reviews of a site where you will get more details the site is genuine or not.
  • If you get trapped by these kinds of things, don’t get panic. Report to such places who can take action in that case.
  • Be smart enough and try to understand their guidelines correctly. If you do, so you will get to know they had jobs or making a fool of you.

We hope you have gained some knowledge about the data entry job scams spreading all over. If you follow these things, you will not fall on any trap.

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